Aircon Servicing Singapore

Aircon Repair in Singapore

Is your aircon not cooling or is the fan blower on working properly? Get a professional help to check if your aircon can be repaired. Air conditioner troubleshoot and repair can help to restore the working order of the unit.

Top reasons for aircon repair

  • Aircon is not cooling
  • Aircon turns off automatically
  • Aircon is overheating
  • Noisy fan or condenser
  • Water leakage from either indoor or outdoor unit
  • Bad smell from the air
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What is the cost of aircon repair in Singapore?

The technician will first do a thorough investigation of the problem before starting the repair as it important to understand the root cause of the problem. Once the investigation is complete, the technician will give you the price quotation of the repair. Sometimes buying a new aircon may be cost effective than repairing one.

In many cases the problem can be fixed instantly with intense aircon cleaning and minor parts replacement.

After the air conditioned is fixed make sure to test the Aircon cooling, ocsillation and other functions with the provide remote control before you let the technicians leave.