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Importance of various types of Insurance

August 28th 2022
Insurance types
Insurance is like a financial guard or protection against any possible event or a range of events. It is an arrangement or coverage by which the insurance company or insurer provides a guarantee of compensation for some specified loss, death of breadwinner, some kind of permanent disability, property damage, critical illness, or in return for payment of a specified premium. In any of such above mentioned occurrences, the insurance..

10 best ways on how to save money!

July 24th 2022
10 ways to save money
One of the biggest question that we often ask ourselves is how to save money and see it growing. Here are some pretty basic ways practices to help you control your expenses. 1. Refuse the branded products. Purchase of goods of less untwisted brands instead of widely known brands allows to save significantly. Take time to compare an expensive and not expensive product. 2. Use cash cards as seldom as possible. Many have got used to..