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Looking for Gyms and Freelance Personal Trainers in Rochor?

About Rochor
Rochor is located within the Central Area of the Central Region of Singapore. Rochor is very well known for The Verge, formerly Tekka Mall, which is the first modern shopping mall in the Little India area. Singapore's Indian community has a strong presence in Rochor. Tekka Center is another famous shopping place in Rochor wher you can get variety of Indian food and clothing. Getting a service like personal trainer, handyman or aircon service may sometimes get challenging if you are looking for the right quality of service.

We aim to help people in Rochor in finding the right Gym and Personal Trainer to fit their budget and requirements.

How it works?

Use the app to submit a request for personal trainer with your fitness goals, location, preferred workout time and your current fitness level. You may also specify other criteria like your budget, any existing injuries or health conditions in the request.

View responses from the best matching personal trainers and gyms. Check their profile for details about their fitness coaching expertise, certifications and the fitness programs they offer. View past ratings and reviews of the personal trainer. Use the chat system to discuss your health goals and personal training program with the trainer.

Select the personal trainer or gym that best matches your requirement. You may also request for free or discounted trials before finalizing. Provide your ratings and reviews to the personal trainer on their profile. Share your fitness journey in the Buzz section and see what others have to say.

Top 12 Personal Trainers and Gyms in Rochor

profile image

1. Functional Training Institute

2 Serangoon Road, FairPrice Tekka Place, Tekka Place, Singapore

Hi I'm Ileane from Functional Training Institute Singapore! Over here our trainers are well equipped in the skills of relieving pain and getting to the roots of them, removing them as much as possible and then you get to achieve your goals being pain-free and in your best condition! We specialise in rehab and functional training which results in a happier, healthier and pain free... (View Profile for details)

profile image

2. Shafiq Samat

Handy Road, The Cathay, Singapore

“Leading by example through persevering and prevailing, and to inspire progressive transformative success.” Founder and Head Coach of Meraki Fight Fitness. A martial arts with different disciple group class that instils confidence, positive attitude and self-defence. It also represents camaraderie and fun-filled enjoyment through our community. Meraki Fight Fitness also infuses and fo... (View Profile for details)

profile image

3. Andy Lim

Handy Road, The Cathay, Singapore

Personal trainer since 2003 .19 years fitness experience and specialise in training weight loss ,building muscles ,toning ,specific sports training,Muay Thai boxing. Fisaf certified personal trainer,bosu,vipr,trx ,trx rip trainer,basic exercise course Singapore sports council, Instagram AirplantKingdom

profile image

4. Hafiz Anuar

151a Kitchener Road, Singapore

Energetic and passionate personal trainer with background in group training, personal training, suspension trx training & competition preparation. Highly motivated & results driven individual to help others reach their health & fitness goals.

profile image

5. Bronson Tan

Chijmes, Singapore

profile image

6. Samudra Sen

20 Oxford Rd, Singapore

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer. Specializing in Fat loss & Muscle building. Strength and Conditioning. Passionate in educating the right way to weight training and healthy eating, sharing knowledge and experience of exercise methodology to give a holistic approach to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. I believe that fitness shouldn't be expensive or a chore, rather a part ... (View Profile for details)

profile image

7. Justin Wu

88 Jellicoe Rd, Singapore

Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise Corrective Exercise Specialist, TRX Coach, Cross Fit Level 1 certified, Animal Flow certified, Singapore Weightlifting Federation NCAP Level 1 certified, Fitness Nutrition Specialist from American Council on Exercise International work experience, ex-Ultimate Performance Singapore Specialize in: Functional training Clients wit... (View Profile for details)

profile image

8. Hafidz Samri

2 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217646, Singapore

- NCSF Certified Trainer - Cheerleader - There’s a phase in my life I want to lose weight due to being fat and I thought joining a sport-related activity like cheer will help me. However, being in this sport, I need to be strong enough to be able to attempt certain stunts. I took my time to workout in the gym. I stronger and toner ever since. I have been working out for 8 years and w... (View Profile for details)

profile image

9. Luke Yeo

9 North Bridge Rd, Block 9, Singapore 190009

Team Sims Mens Physique Competitor Couznutri Sponsored Athlete

profile image

10. Faizal Najib

Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983

Specialize is :- - Muscle Building & Strength Training - Fat loss & Body toning - Physiotheraphy & Myofascial realease - Endurance & Core Training

profile image

11. Shi long Ow

91 Moulmein Road, Singapore

Certified NASM trainer V2 training founder Bringing fitness and nutrition to help people achieve their goals. Building communities to improve wellness of our members

profile image

12. Mark Tan

Newton Road, TMP Fitness, Novena, Singapore

Mark’s Profile: Mark is a well-recognized Certified Fitness Personal Trainer in the sports and fitness industry. He holds a dean’s list sports and exercise sciences diploma (Merit Award) and is a degree & scholarship holder in sports science. Being passionate around fitness, he has conducted numerous fitness classes for large corporate companies such as Sembcorp and Canon. His focus is t... (View Profile for details)

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Best Personal Training packages in Rochor, - 2022



8 Session/s
Cost: SGD 1027.2/SGD 1284
(SGD 128 per session)

10 sessions Kickboxing

10 Session/s
Cost: SGD 700/SGD 900
(SGD 70 per session)

PT Trial

1 Session/s
Cost: SGD 20
(SGD 20 per session)

Customised packages to hit your goals!

30 Session/s
Cost: SGD 0
(SGD 0 per session)
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Group Personal Training 12 Sessions for ...

12 Session/s
Cost: SGD 1800/SGD 2400
(SGD 150 per session)

Free Trial worth $160

Free Trial
Cost: SGD 0/SGD 160
(SGD 0 per session)
Listing image

Personal Training (1, 5, 10, 20, 30 sess...

1 Session/s
Cost: SGD 80
(SGD 80 per session)
Listing image

A free consult before your commitment!

Free Trial
Cost: SGD 0
(SGD 0 per session)

Benefits Of Personal Training

Motivation - Having a personal trainer by your side can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jumpstart your routine. A trainer can also help you set goals, create a plan to accomplish them and celebrate the day you reach them.

Consistency - Do you find it difficult to stick with a program or habit? A trainer can hold you accountable and help you overcome all the excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to exercise. It’s a lot harder to skip the gym when you know someone is waiting for you.

Clarity - Fitness can be confusing. There is a lot of information to sort through. Eat this, not that. Cardio before or after strength training? Your trainer can help you find credible information and provide direction on your fitness journey. A trainer can help remove the guesswork so you can put all your energy toward accomplishing your goals.

Personal trainer helps client

Confidence - The gym can be intimidating. Working with a personal trainer allows you to become confident with how to perform exercises, use machines and navigate the facility. After a few sessions, you will feel ready to tackle the weight room on your own. Even better, an ego boost during exercise can promote stronger self-confidence and self-efficacy, which can help you stick with your exercise program over the long term.

Avoid Injury - If you are new to exercise or find that some movements are painful, it is worth hiring a trainer to be certain that you are moving in a safe and effective way. Taking the time to learn proper exercise technique can improve your results and prevent annoying injuries.

Individual Attention - When it comes to fitness, everyone is different. Your unique body mechanics, experience, goals, fitness level, likes and dislikes can guide your trainer in creating a plan that is specific to your needs. With a program that fits, you are more likely to maintain the habit and see results.

Personal training diet

Sport-specific Training - Do you want to run your first 5K or prepare for a backpacking trip? Looking to shave some strokes off your golf game? Your trainer can design a fitness program specific to your sport, which will improve your performance and reduce your chance of injury during the event(s).

Training With Medical Conditions - Exercise is beneficial for preventing or managing many common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. However, exercising with a medical condition requires additional precautions. A knowledgeable trainer with experience training clients with chronic conditions can design a program that ensures your safety and provides a positive exercise experience.

Aging Gracefully - Our bodies change as we age. Perhaps the exercises you used to do no longer work with your body, or maybe you’ve stopped seeing results. A trainer can help you adjust or adapt your program as you age, which will allow you to maintain functionality and strength.

Fun - Believe it or not, exercise can be enjoyable. A savvy personal trainer can make exercise both effective and fun. Group or buddy training can be a great way to increase enjoyment, make exercise social and attain the services of a trainer for a cheaper rate. And simply working with a trainer who you like and respect can be enough to provide you with more gratification from your workouts.

Cheapest Gym Memberships In Singapore

Along with personal training you may also be looking for an affordable gym that doesn't gurt your wallet. With the rising number of gyms in Singapore, it might be a daunting task to find a gym especially if you are looking for a gym that is budget friendly.

What is the cost of Gym membership in Singapore?

With Singapore being one of the most expensive city to live in, the average monthly charges of a gym membership is around $170. We bring to you a rundown of the best cheap gym memberships in Singapore for 2022 to help achieve your fitness goals without hurting your wallet.


Personal trainers are certified fitness professional who allocate you with dedicated time to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. As the training they provide is personalized to you, hence the term 'personal training'

Why you should understand functional training

Septemeber 14th 2022
man doing rope work out

In the first place, it is very important to understand that, we need to train for life and not for events. Functional training primarily involves compound movement exercise to strengthen muscles and joints for our everyday activities. This fitness cum weight loss program is a bridge between personal training and physical therapy. How we benefit from Functional training - 1. Strengthen muscles – The target of functional training..

TRX Exercises | The TRX Suspension Trainer

September 9th 2022
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The TRX Suspension Trainer is perhaps on the best workout system. It is also known as Total Resistance exercises. The best thing is that this TRX can be used by people at all fitness levels as it mainly requires the trainee to use his/her own body weight to exercise. This is a specialized form of suspension training that helps to develop core stability, flexibility, body strength, balance etc. However, it is very important..

Low Intensity Interval Training – The new HIIT

September 8th 2022
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Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) VS High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). We all are aware of the Rabbit vs Turtle race. This is a learning lesson in our day to day practical life. When it comes to exercise or fitness training, we might start off with full stamina and confidence but get tired or injured very soon and end up taking long breaks from our workout routine to recover. What happens in the process is we fall..

Benefits we get from a Personal Trainer

September 4th 2022
Benefits of personal trainer

Many of us, even though we want to work out and loose those extra kilos, often we find ourselves laid back and move it to the next day. However, when we have a personal trainer, he motivates us and we find ourselves to hit the gym more often. Working out with a personal trainer has numerous benefits! We definitely see better and faster results. They help us to change our overall lifestyle and thus lead a much healthier life..

Importance of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

August 25th 2022
What is BMR

BMR is the amount of calorie your body burns in a day with doing nothing. Do not confuse BMR with BMI (Body Mass Index), they are completely different. Our body is like a machine and in order to operate, it needs energy in the form calories to operate, which is the fuel to our body. Our body not only burns calories while doing cardio or strength training, but also while we are just sitting or even even sleeping. Our brain also..

Low Reps vs High Reps! Which is good?

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When it comes to work out and fitness, often it is found that people are in a dilemma as to whether to go for lower reps or higher reps. High reps help us to lose fat and make our muscle more “toned”. On the other hand, low reps help us to build muscle and increase our body strength. Moreover, researchers have found out that, low repetitions with heavy weights increases strength, whereas high repetitions with light weight increases..