What to expect from a personal trainer in a training program

Are you about to starting a personal training program? Learn what to expect throughout the journey to fitness starting from the first training session.

Expectation from the first training session

What to expect from a personal trainer

Your first session with your personal trainer can be intimidating especially if this is your first time, but there is nothing worry, personal trainers are trained to worked with multiple individual and can dwell very well with any personality type.
This is what you can expect in your first session.

1. Setting expectation on fitness goal: The trainer will try to understand in details about your fitness goals and if you have any deadline to achieve this goal.

2. Your current stats: The trainer will measure your height, weight, BMI (Body Mass index) and BMR. Depending on your fitness goal they might take tape measurements of your body.

3. Your eating habits: The trainer will try to understand your likes and dislikes of food, how often you eat and dietary restrictions if any.

4. Health assessment: The personal trainer may request a complete health assessment to see if you have any cardiac or respiratory related issues. Any previous surgeries, injuries or medical condition will be taken into consideration, so do not forget to mention it.

5. Current fitness level assessment: You will be asked to do some workouts primarily cardio and bodyweight exercise to check your current cardiovascular function, physical strength and overall fitness.

Your trainer will then let you freshen up. Once you are ready, they will discuss what is achievable for you in terms of fitness goal and timeline. The trainer will then create a training program that is best suited for you, which will based on the earlier assessments. Considering your taste buds and eating habits you will be provided with a balanced diet plan which you will need to stick to through the program.

Expectations during the program

Personal Training Program - Push ups

Do not be mistaken with the thought that once a training program or diet plan is made it cannot be changed! Here is what to expect during the fitness program

1. Changes to workout routine: The trainer may alter the routine based on how you are progressing. You might have started with a 3 days routine and now it must be the time start a 5 days routine.

2. Workout Types: Keeping your fitness goal in mind your personal trainer will alter the workout type between weight training, cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or resistance training with TRX.

3. Exercise Intensity: After a few weeks on the program your cardiovascular function will improve along with your muscle strength. So, the trainer will increase the intensity of the exercise to make it challenging for you.

4. Diet Plan: Some individuals have genetically higher metabolic rate than others, so they burn more calories naturally throughout the day. So, depending on how your body is responding to the fitness plan, your trainer might re-adjust your diet plan to make the progress more effective.

What will you gain from the program

Personal training for healthier body and mind

You will come out more knowledgeable on aspects of fitness after the personal training program.

1. Knowledgeable on gym equipment: You will learn how to use gym equipment in the correct form without hurting yourself.

2. Diet and Nutrition You will gain an understanding of how macro nutrients work on your body. You might actually discover some myths you have been believing in for a long time.

3. Exercises: You will gain knowledge on various types of exercises like weight training, HIIT, functional exercise, stretching techniques etc.

4. Heathier Body and Mind: Above all, you will end up getting your dream body, a healthy lifestyle and gain the confidence you need to succeed in other aspects os life