Aircon Servicing Singapore

Aircon Servicing Price In Singapore

How much does aircon servicing cost in Singapore?

In Singapore, standard aircon servicing for 3 units for a one-time servicing can cost between $70 to $100, depending on the service provider. If you are looking for chemical wash it can cost between $140 to $170 per unit. Refrigerant gas top-up pricing ranges from $40 to $100 type R22 and for R410A it is $60 to $150.

Aircon Servicing Price Calculator

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aircon is overheating

Standard Aircon Service Pricing

It can be quite a hectic task to browse through the hundreds of ac servicing companies to find the one which best matches your requirements and budget. To make things simpler for you, we bring to you the most comprehensive pricing structure which offers you cheap aircon servicing in Singapore.

Standard aircon servicing will include the following:

1. Cleaning or both interior and exterior parts like fan coil, air filter and drain pan.

2. Vaccum cleaning of evaporator coil.

3. Cleaning exterior cover and air filters with water.

4. Monitor refrigerant gas level.

One-Time Servicing

No. of AirconsPricing
1 UnitSGD 40.00
2 UnitSGD 53.80
3 UnitSGD 69.20
4 UnitSGD 84.60
5 UnitSGD 100.00
more than 5Open request for pricing

Annual Package

No. of Aircons4 times/year3 times/year
1 UnitsSGD 130.00SGD 100.00
2 UnitsSGD 167.20SGD 125.40
3 UnitsSGD 224.80SGD 168.60
4 UnitsSGD 282.40SGD 211.80
5 UnitsSGD 340.00SGD 255.00
more than 5Open request for pricingOpen request for pricing

Gas To Up Pricing

Gas typePricing
R410ASGD 60 - SGD 150
R22SGD 40 - SGD 100
aircon is overheating

Aircon Chemical Wash Pricing

At least once a year chemical wash is needed for your air conditioner to keep you away from harmful germs and molds that can breed inside the aircon units. Check out our pricing below. Learn more about what's included in -Basic Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul

Chemical Wash Price

No. of AirconsPricing
1 UnitSGD 86.00
2 UnitSGD 154.80
3 UnitSGD 210.70
4 UnitSGD 266.60
5 UnitSGD 322.50
more than 5Open request for pricing

Chemical Overhaul Price

No. of AirconsPricing
1 UnitSGD 126.00
2 UnitSGD 226.80
3 UnitSGD 308.70
4 UnitSGD 390.60
5 UnitSGD 472.50
more than 5Open request for pricing

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