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Melvin Yeo




Who am I?

Melvin Yeo is a resourceful composite consultant and risk management portfolio strategist. Core of being sincere and open minded, always putting his clients needs first. Always an avid listener, Melvin also does not hesitate to be honest and forefront with his advice. His core advice help his clients to make better sound decisions, cost efficiency and effectiveness in this fast moving market. Believer in Value Investing, Melvin is highly sought after for his sound investment advice and low risk portfolio with a higher Sharpe Ratio. Melvin put client worries at ease with his professionalism, latest market advice and honest feedback. Being promoted in 2017, Melvin has been an avid team player, and is looking for innovation and creation in the industry. He is looking for like - minded driven individuals to work as partners. Melvin is highly sought after in the areas of: Value Investments, Business Consultancy (Public Liability), General and Life Insurances