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Benefits we get from a Personal Trainer

September 4th 2022
Benefits of personal trainer

Many of us, even though we want to work out and loose those extra kilos, often we find ourselves laid back and move it to the next day. However, when we have a personal trainer, he motivates us and we find ourselves to hit the gym more often. Working out with a personal trainer has numerous benefits! We definitely see better and faster results. They help us to change our overall lifestyle and thus lead a much healthier life..

Importance of various types of Insurance

August 28th 2022
Insurance types

Insurance is like a financial guard or protection against any possible event or a range of events. It is an arrangement or coverage by which the insurance company or insurer provides a guarantee of compensation for some specified loss, death of breadwinner, some kind of permanent disability, property damage, critical illness, or in return for payment of a specified premium. In any of such above mentioned occurrences, the insurance..

Importance of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

August 25th 2022
What is BMR

BMR is the amount of calorie your body burns in a day with doing nothing. Do not confuse BMR with BMI (Body Mass Index), they are completely different. Our body is like a machine and in order to operate, it needs energy in the form calories to operate, which is the fuel to our body. Our body not only burns calories while doing cardio or strength training, but also while we are just sitting or even even sleeping. Our brain also..

Invest in a Condominium or an HDB?

July 26th 2022
Invest on a Condominium or an HDB

When it comes to buying a property, Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Nevertheless, everyone desires to be the owner of a property. In this regard, there is another concern of the residents of Singapore. People here are always in the dilemma between buying an HDB (Public Housing Apartments) and a Condominium. Various factors controls our decision whether to choose an HDB or a Condo. These factors include..

10 best ways on how to save money!

July 24th 2022
10 ways to save money

One of the biggest question that we often ask ourselves is how to save money and see it growing. Here are some pretty basic ways practices to help you control your expenses. 1. Refuse the branded products. Purchase of goods of less untwisted brands instead of widely known brands allows to save significantly. Take time to compare an expensive and not expensive product. 2. Use cash cards as seldom as possible. Many have got used to..

Low Reps vs High Reps! Which is good?

July 16th 2022
fitness girl lateral raises

When it comes to work out and fitness, often it is found that people are in a dilemma as to whether to go for lower reps or higher reps. High reps help us to lose fat and make our muscle more “toned”. On the other hand, low reps help us to build muscle and increase our body strength. Moreover, researchers have found out that, low repetitions with heavy weights increases strength, whereas high repetitions with light weight increases..