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Top 12 Personal Trainers in Singapore

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Isaiah Singaram

Tanjong Pagar

Strength & Wellness Coach. It has been 8 years since I embarked on my fitness and exercise journey with much passion . I have helped many clients and friends to stay in shape and feel Confident of themselves. I Specialise in Fat loss , Weight management and Strength & Conditioning . I Believe in the method of Muscle building with Functional training to Maximise Results . As Nutrition is key to Success , all my clients are Equipped with the Valuable knowledge of Proper Eating without s... (View Profile for details)

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65 Jalan Malu-malu, Singapore

We are a boutique gym in Sembawang that focuses on personal training and buddy training. We provide limited gym memberships too. Instagram - If you're a beginner, or someone who is intimidated by the gym environment, you are at the right place! We aim to help beginners get started and create a safe place to learn and achieve your goals at the same time! Contact us today to book a visit or if you have any questions.

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Shafiq Samat

Handy Road, The Cathay, Singapore

“Leading by example through persevering and prevailing, and to inspire progressive transformative success.” Founder and Head Coach of Meraki Fight Fitness. A martial arts with different disciple group class that instils confidence, positive attitude and self-defence. It also represents camaraderie and fun-filled enjoyment through our community. Meraki Fight Fitness also infuses and focuses on metabolic conditioning and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that will get you strong... (View Profile for details)

profile image

Shawn Quck


Coach Shawn is a former athlete and an experienced trainer. He is working with the Health Promotion Board on community exercise programs especially for the senior citizens. He also have been teaching kickboxing with Singapore Arms Forces as their recreational exercise activities. He has been a trainer for F45 training since Oct 2016. Other than a fitness trainer and educator, he spends his time fixing other's bodily pain and sore and regain mobility with manual therapy technique su... (View Profile for details)

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Yoges Mohan


+ Weight Loss Look Good, Feel Good The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape. + Pre-Natal Fitness Enjoy your pregnancy Keeping fit throughout your pregnancy is essential for both baby and mum. It helps you cope with the changes in your body structure and makes you stronger to carry a growing baby. Energizes you... (View Profile for details)

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Alex Salihin

Raffles Place, Singapore

I am a coach here in Singapore and over 2 decades in the fitness industry has taught me so much more about working with clients than exercise selection, reps and sets. As an over 40 year old professional in this industry, I have come to believe that for a lot of us, physical fitness is simply but one aspect of the bigger puzzle which is deep health. Sure, we all want to be able to get stronger, be leaner, age better and be able to perform the most mundane tasks in life, well. Quest... (View Profile for details)

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Muhammad Sufian Bin Idris

1 Tampines north Dr. 1, #01-19, Singapore 528559

Muhammad Sufian, a Powerlifter, an IFBB CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER. Started my fitness and exercise journey as a Powerlifter 8 years ago and still am improving on strength and powerlifting. Here to help you to achieve your fitness goals: 🔹Muscle Building 🔹Weight management (Fat loss) 🔹Strength training 🔹Generally keeping fit and healthy Contact me for more details. WhatsApp: 8453 3165 Instagram: @yansufisufian

profile image

Vincent Chua

Orchard Road, Orchard Central, Singapore

🔹️12 years of working out experience 🔹️Focuses on education so that every individual can workout safely with knowledge and to not sustain injury. 🔹️Understands that gym tends to be a male-dominated area. Aims to teach & help females to be confident in the gym. 🔹️Understand the hardships of losing and gaining weight and aims to help individuals learn and attain goals through a step-by-step guidance. 🔹️Aims to also help with shift of mentality for individual to not just apply t... (View Profile for details)

profile image

Leon Lim

Singapore, Singapore

Progressive Aesthetics have been coaching clients for around 5 years and we have successful create sustainable transformations to our clients physiques. We specialise in helping skinny individuals age between 25-50, who have been skinny their whole lives and are determined to create amazing transformations. Our head coach, Leon used to be skinny many years back and has hated every second of it. He has tried many routines and diets which were inefficient, difficult to execute and... (View Profile for details)

profile image

Out of the Common

No. 32A Circular Rd, Singapore 049388

Out of the Common (or OOTC), is a boutique freelance personal coaching studio designed for Fitness Coaches who share the same beliefs. We value intelligent, charismatic, resilient and kind people. As coaches we are uniquely positioned to serve as advocates for our clients. Because we invest so much in the quality of our services; continuing education amongst our Coaches is held to the highest standards. At OOTC, the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming, and there is a positi... (View Profile for details)

profile image


Singapore, Singapore

REVOLT, one to one personal training with our trainer to achieve the most out of each session in the gym. Your session at REVOLT will be designed to your needs based on your fitness level & physical conditions. Everyone is different, therefore it is important to have a training program tailored to yourself to get the most effective & efficient results. With our experience trainer, we offer professional guidance on the technique & posture needed acro... (View Profile for details)

profile image

kartini wilke


My name is Kartini. I have been a personal trainer for 5years. I believe fitness should be in everyone lifestyle. I give guidance to all clients from different background to achieve individual fitness goals. I am certified personal trainer of NCSF. I aim to help ,guide, support and educate when it comes to fitness and as well as nutrition. Whether its muscle toning, weight loss or just want to improve overall health, I am ready to help you. I do small group outdoor HIIT classes as well... (View Profile for details)

Trainer By Experience

Personal Trainer Experience Level - StringsSG

Beginner trainer for Basic Goals

When you want to get fit, improve cardiovascular function, lose some weight or feel healthy, you may not need to spend a lot on personal training sessions. These are trainers with 1 to 5 years of experience.

Intermediate level trainer for Average Goals

Get an intermediate level trainer to help you in getting the V-shape or the right curves. They will have 5 to 9 years of experience.

Elite coaches for Advanced Goals

Need a complete transformation in terms of health and physical appearance? Get a advanced level trainer with more than 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Trainer By Type

Female Personal Trainer Singapore - StringsSG

Female Personal Trainer

Check out our female instructors or while opening a new request on the StringsSG Mobile App, mention that you are looking for a female trainer.

Private Personal Trainer At Your Home - StringsSG

Freelance Personal Trainer

StringsSG has more than 100 Singapore based freelance trainers available 24/7 to help you get your dream body and lead a healthier life.

Personal Trainer for Elderly - StringsSG

Personal Trainer for Elderly

If you are over 60 years old, a personal trainer for elderly can help to create a customized program which best fits your current health and fitness level.

Private Personal Trainer At Your Home - StringsSG

Private Personal Trainer at Your Home

If you prefer your training sessions to be private we have trainers who offer private sessions at home, your condo gym or at gym pod locations.

Trainer By Fitness Goal

Personal Training Packages [2023]

Listing - Free Trial

Free Trial

Free Trial


Listing - Trial 1 to 1

Trial 1 to 1

1 Session/s


($30 per session)
Listing - Customised packages to hit your goals!

Customised packages to hit your goals!

30 Session/s


Listing - 3 month Personal Training Package

3 month Personal Training Package

12 Session/s


($100 per session)
Listing - Free Trial worth $160

Free Trial worth $160

Free Trial


Listing - Personal Training (1, 5, 10, 20, 30 sess...

Personal Training (1, 5, 10, 20, 30 sess...

1 Session/s


($80 per session)
Listing - Personalised Packages to hit your Fitnes...

Personalised Packages to hit your Fitnes...

30 Session/s


Listing - Group Personal Training 12 Sessions for ...

Group Personal Training 12 Sessions for ...

12 Session/s


($150 per session)

Why find a personal trainer on our platform?


We have personal training programs to suit all budgets, whether you are looking for an elite or cheap personal trainer.

Custom tailored for you

Our highly experienced trainers have the expertise to create a custom diet and training plan for you based on your experience with fitness, your goal and current fitness level.

Free trial & Consultation

Many of our fitness coaches provide free or highly discounted trials. You can try them without any obligations.

We are not a gym

We are an open platform to all gyms and personal trainers in the city, which means your search is not limited to a single gym or fitness organization.

It's your choice

We do not impose a particular personal trainer on you. The wide choice of personal trainers, and programs give you the opportunity to select the best for yourself.


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10 Benefits Of Personal Training

Individual Focus - Every person has a varied level of fitness and distinct food habits and fitness goals. A trainer can design a program that is tailored to your needs and that you can long-term implement into your lifestyle.

Motivation - Having a trainer by your side will help push you through your training program and experience the adventure with you when you need motivation and encouragement.

Confidence - You may find working out in the gym intimidating. Develop confidence by practicing exercises, using equipment, and navigating the gym with the help of a personal trainer. Even better, an ego boost during exercise might encourage higher feelings of self-efficacy and confidence, which can support long-term adherence to an exercise regimen.

Personal trainer helps client

Sport-specific Training - Will you be getting ready for a hiking trip or your first 5K? Are you trying to improve your golf game? Your trainer can create a fitness regimen tailored to your sport that can boost your performance and lower your risk of injury during the event.

Consistency - Adhering to the plan can be challenging at times. A trainer can help you stick to your workout commitment and conquer all of your potential excuses. When you are aware that someone is waiting for you at the gym, it is much tougher to skip.

Prevent Injuries - If you lack experience, you might not be aware of the appropriate kind of exercise that can result in injuries. To learn the right exercise methods, it is worthwhile to hire a trainer. This can help you achieve better results and avoid unwanted accidents.

Personal training diet

Clarity - Having a trainer by your side will help push you through your training program and experience the adventure with you when you need motivation and encouragement.

Training With Medical Conditions - Exercise is helpful for managing or avoiding several common chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. With a medical condition, exercise calls for additional safety measures. A qualified trainer who has expertise working with clients who have chronic diseases may create a plan that guarantees your safety and gives you a satisfying workout.

Gracefully Aging - As we get older, our bodies alter. Perhaps you've stopped seeing results, or the routines you used to undertake no longer suit your physique. Your program can be modified or tailored by a trainer to help you stay functional and strong as you age.

Fun - Exercise may be fun, despite popular belief. A smart personal trainer can make working out enjoyable and beneficial. Group or buddy training can be a terrific method to make exercise more enjoyable, socialize exercise, and save money on a trainer's services. And all it takes to get greater enjoyment out of your workouts is working with a trainer you respect and like.

Where to find personal trainers in Singapore?

As per our analytics research data, dated 11th September 2022, it is much easier for you to find a wide variety of personal trainers in the Central region of Singapore area followed by East. The below graph represents the concentration of personal trainers in different regions of Singapore.

Here are a few ways you can find a personal trainer or gym near you -

StringsSG - StringsSG has a huge database of gyms and trainers in almost every location in Singapore. You can either open a request for a personal trainer or you can just browse through the list and search for personal trainers near your location.

Google - Jump onto Google to start searching and browsing gyms and trainers near you.

Referral - Sometimes our friends and relatives may know of a nice gym or personal trainer that they can recommend.

Near By Gym - Walk-in to a gym and talk to the sales person in charge about your desired fitness goal and they will provide you with the relevant personal trainer.

Find personal training services near you with the map based Personal Trainer Locator.

Considerations before getting personal training from a Gym

If you are looking for personal training at a gym, these are the questions you must ask yourself:
- How far is the gym from your house and what is the commuting time?
- Does the gym have a good brand and reputation?
- What are the opening hours of the gym?
- How crowded can the gym get and will it affect your personal training program?

Gyms may require you to get a gym membership before you can get personal training, which also comes with a cost.

With Singapore being one of the most expensive city to live in, the average monthly charges of a gym membership is around $170.

Affordable Personal Training Gym - StringsSG

Personal Training FAQs

Personal training session can cost anywhere between $50 to $180 per session depending on your fitness goals and the expertise of the personal trainer. If you go for a package with multiple sessions, then the per session cost may be lower. Explore more than 250 package deals on StringsSG.

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