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Bukit Panjang, Singapore

About Bukit Panjang

Bukit Panjang is a residential area in the western region of Singapore next to Bukit Timah. Therefore a potion of the residential town is located on the tail end of the hill. The name Bukit Panjang itself means long hill.

Hillion mall is the most popular shopping mall in the area to serve the residents with food courts, super markets and outlest for basic necessities. However, you may not find any services related to interior designing, fitness, aircon service etc.

The Bukit Timah nature reserve is often a go to place for fitness enthusiasts. Walking up the hill can help to burn a significant amount of calories and improve your overall cardiovascular system.

If you are looking for personal training or any other professional service in Bukit Panjang, just login to your StringsSG account and open a request for service.

We aim to help people in Bukit Panjang in finding the right Gym and Personal Trainer to fit their budget and requirements.

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1. Nicholas Teo

Bukit Panjang, Singapore

--> Been gymming for close to 4 years though along the way there have been some on and offs. --> All my knowledge is self taught and self studied. --> Training to keep fit? to get a better physique? to become stronger? Tell me your goal and let me help you achieve it. The first step is always the most difficult. Everyone starts somewhere and if you don't start now...then when? Let me assist you in smashing your goals that you have set for yourselves because lets be real, nothing fee... (View Profile for details)

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2. Hong Ren Kiew

Bukit Panjang, Singapore

I am a passionate and aspiring ACE-Certified Personal Trainer with 6 years of fitness experience under my belt. I currently have a varied client base of different age groups and goals. My aim is to help achieve my clients' fitness goals by catering to their preferences and enjoyments the best I can. You can contact me via Whatsapp on 93360371.

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3. Don Huan

408 Fajar Rd, Singapore 670408

ACE Certified Krav Maga Level 1 Muay Thai & Kickboxing Level 2 Kettlebell Level 3 Pre & post natal Training Postural corrections Calisthenics Coaching exclusively at Gold's Gym River Valley, 222 River Valley Road

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4. Ray Teo

Gangsa Road, Singapore

I have been a professional trainer for 2.5 years in a studio, meticulously coaching others with a customised training program and a diet/lifestyle plan to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. E:

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5. Lazarus Samuel

Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang

Lazarus, an educator and fitness professional, combines his expertise in anatomy and personal training across academia and the fitness industry. As an Associate Faculty at the Singapore Institute of Technology, he teaches anatomy and physiology using cadaveric specimens. In his roles as a Gym Floor Fitness Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer, Lazarus emphasizes safety and personalized training, integrating anatomical knowledge. He educates clients on the anatomical basis of fitness,... (View Profile for details)

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6. Leonard Scully

134B Hillview Avenue, Singapore

Helping someone achieve their goals or overcoming their inhibitions is the best reward I can get. My philosophy is : Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life.

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7. Mohammad Nurshafiq

28 Choa Chu Kang Dr, Singapore 689964


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8. Wei Liang Lim

120 Bukit Batok Central, Singapore 650120

Active gym user / trainer. Has experience working with kids, disabled athletes, adults.

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9. Alyasa Kamsani

Choa Chu Kang Way, Warren Golf & Country Club, Singapore

You would need a Warren Country Club membership to train with me. Do connect with me if you are willing to get the membership.

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10. Khairullah Azman

452A Bukit Batok West Ave 6

Ace Certified Personal Trainer Personal trainer for 7 years. Here to guide you be it in fat loss, muscle toning or just to keep fit! Feel free to whatsapp/call email me at for more enquiries!

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11. Yongwen Tan

442C Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, Singapore 653442

Been in fitness industry since 2014 March , trained almost all range of clients and able to speak well with Chinese and English clients.