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Paya Lebar, Singapore

About Paya Lebar
Paya Lebar is a planning area in the Eastern Singapore. The Singpost head office is near the Paya Lebar MRT. It was identified as one of the growth areas of Singapore and ever since there has been several construction sites in the area to build residential township and commercial building. Some of the recent malls in the area are Paya Lebar Square, Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) and the Singpost building mall. There are also a handful of offices in the area like Starhub and Visa. It is well served by Paya Lebar MRT stations. Although there may be quite a few gyms like Fitness First, 24xFitness and Anytime Fitness in the area, there are not many service providers in the area who provides services like personal trainer, handyman, aircon service or handyman that are affordable to the residents, so it might get challenging to find the right service provider.

We aim to help people in Paya Lebar in finding the right Gym and Personal Trainer to fit their budget and requirements.

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1. Ernest Wong

Hougang Ave 1, Singapore

ACE Certified Personal Trainer FitAsia Certified Personal Trainer Basic Sports Science Certified Fat Loss Specialization Rehab Express Hypertrophy Level 1 Carousell: @ernestwst 4 years experience specializing towards healthy weight management (fat loss, muscle gain). If you are looking for a reset button for your health and fitness. Progression should not come with a great cost of torture and the expenditure of health. Allow me to assist you in altering your lifestyle, hab... (View Profile for details)

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2. Maria Rosete

133 Lorong Ah Soo, Singapore

Choose the workout/ budget/ timeslot and instructor suitable for your preference and lifestyle, and according to your fitness level... Our affordable live-streaming online classes are results-oriented. Your Instructor can personally motivate, challenge, progress, and correct your form live online. Both Private and group classes are available. Now, you can work out at your convenience, anytime, and anywhere and know that you will still have the same care, guidance and support from your... (View Profile for details)

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3. Glen Poh

Hougang, Singapore

Professional coaching experience since 2010. Specializes in fat loss, building muscle, strength & conditioning for performance.

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4. Chris Goh

hougang street 11

Have been in the fitness industry for close to 4 years now. Striving to learn and improve with you aa we do on this journey

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5. Cky Uni

421 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 530421

Unsure where to start your fitness journey? No confidence with yourself? Wants to loss fats and build muscle but unsure how to start? I have got you covered! let me help you with your fitness journey! check out my Instagram handle: @owlpactfitness and dm us there if you want to know more about how i help different clients to achieve their fitness goal!

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6. Jake Chua

422 Hougang Ave 6, Singapore 530422, Singapore

I’ve been training for 6 years. A personal trainer looking to help individuals who need a little push in the direction of a healthier and active lifestyle. If you have fitness goal, I’d be happy to help you achieve them! Fitness goal: * Fat-Loss & Weight Loss * Mass Building & Bulking * Strength Training & Conditioning * Individual sports improvement * Health and wellness

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7. Gerald Oon

125 Lengkong Dua, Singapore

I am a dedicated and experienced fitness trainer with a passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. With a background in competing in fitness competitions, I bring a unique perspective and understanding of what it takes to push the body to its limits and achieve peak physical performance. Over the years, I have worked with numerous clients of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes, and have helped them transform their bodies and lives through... (View Profile for details)

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8. Ed-Linddi Ong

75 Tampines Ave 1, Singapore

ACE Certified Personal Trainer NROC Karate Coach

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9. Nicholas Ho

62 Lichi Avenue

Nicholas, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, knows what it's like to lack confidence in your body, especially when he grew up as a skinny kid. It was during his tertiary education years that his interest in fitness sparked as he joined SP Gym Club. Despite attaining two ACL ligaments torn on both legs from basketball, that didn't stop him but allowed him to understand the importance of rehabilitation, recovery, muscular endurance and flexibility and he fully recovered. Through his reha... (View Profile for details)

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10. Jeffrey Tay

13 Sengkang East Avenue, Singapore

Ace Certified Personal Trainer Certification in Sports Motion & Power Lifting Certification in Sports Nutrition Sports Rehabilitation Level1 Fitness finatic. More than 10 yrs of gym and bodyweight training. Physique transformation personally. Cardio and Strength. Body Toning, Fat loss and Strength training.

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11. Hafidz Samri

Singapore 550233

- NCSF Certified Trainer - Cheerleader - There’s a phase in my life I want to lose weight due to being fat and I thought joining a sport-related activity like cheer will help me. However, being in this sport, I need to be strong enough to be able to attempt certain stunts. I took my time to workout in the gym. I stronger and toner ever since. I have been working out for 8 years and would like to share my knowledge and skills too. Drop me a Direct message!

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12. Muay Art Fitness M.A.F.

48 Woodleigh Park, Singapore

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13. Mika Kise

525 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore

I am available to help you achieve your goals. I specialise in Fat Loss, Building Muscle, Functional Training, Neuromuscular Awareness, Deep Tissue Massage and have an extensive background in various sports. Contact me at 87995954.

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14. Haszlan Hasssan

492 Changi Road, Singapore 419900, Singapore

With experience since 2016 as a certified trainer, coupled with a decade of training experience in commercial gyms and a competitive physique athlete, I provide Personal Training Services for the following fitness goals; - Weight Management/Loss - Strength & Conditioning - Muscle Gain - Fitness Competition Preparation - Mobility/Agility/Stability Credentials; ▪︎PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer ▪︎Certified Bodybuilding & Fitness Trainer by International Sports Academy-Singa... (View Profile for details)

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15. Zf Pong

Chai Chee Road, Viva Business Park, Singapore

Senior Personal trainer since 2014.

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16. Sofian Rahman

122e Rivervale Dr, Singapore 544122

A passionate fitness trainer who loves to guide anyone through their fitness journey. Been in the industry for more than 10yrs. Started of as a Physical Training Instructor in the military and decided to pursue my passion as a personal trainer. Believe the importance of sharing knowledge to anyone who wants to change.

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17. Rio Mokhalil

Marine Parade, Singapore

Im a transformation coach for life style & athlete

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18. Peter Yeo

Block 502, Singapore 460502

My name is Peter and I am NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) and Standard First Aid + AED certified Personal Trainer. My methods are straightforward, goal-focused and achievable. You will be guided to the proper technique of exercises to achieve your desired goal. To my Clients, I motivate and committed to their well-being and health. Please visit I look forward to partner with you to achieve your goals!

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19. Pui Yee Tan

416 Bedok North Ave 3, Singapore

Meet Pui Yee, an energetic and dedicated certified trainer committed to empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals and enhance their overall well-being. With a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm, Pui Yee specializes in creating personalized training programs tailored to each client's unique needs and aspirations.

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20. Alex Ang

Bedok, Singapore


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21. Ploy Fit PT

Bedok and Orchard

Hello, My name is Ploy, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who is originally from Thailand but moved to Singapore in late 2018. I used to work in the insurance industry before I decided to follow my passion for fitness in 2021. I started my fitness journey by running in my local park in Bangkok before proceeding to join a gym. After having learnt and practised for many years, one day I had a chance to train and correct my friend’s exercise form. Since then, my reali... (View Profile for details)

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22. Duane Ang

Bedok, Singapore

Focused on fundamentals of exercise. Happy to work with those with limited time or new to exercise and just need some motivation. At your home, exercise park or your private gym.

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23. Muhammad Sufian Bin Idris

1 Tampines north Dr. 1, #01-19, Singapore 528559

Muhammad Sufian, a Powerlifter, an IFBB CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER. Started my fitness and exercise journey as a Powerlifter 8 years ago and still am improving on strength and powerlifting. Here to help you to achieve your fitness goals: 🔹Muscle Building 🔹Weight management (Fat loss) 🔹Strength training 🔹Generally keeping fit and healthy Contact me for more details. WhatsApp: 8453 3165 Instagram: @yansufisufian

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24. Dora Neo

479 Geylang Road #01-01

Fitness is a journey, not a task. Do it for longevity.

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25. Matthew Ding

4 Lor 24 Geylang, Singapore 398616

Certified personal trainer with over 2 years of experience. Part time with F45 as a coach. Happy to inspire and help others along the journey to achieve personal fitness goals.

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26. Nigel Tan

30 Jln Selaseh, Singapore 808447

Providing Muay Thai house call training for individuals who wish to lose weight, gain muscles and tone up your body.

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27. Haziq Baobed

118 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore 460118

ACE Certified Personal Trainer since April 2017 Former Certis Cisco Fitness Trainer Currently an undergraduate. Friendly and here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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28. EC NG

Telok Kurau Road, JENUFIT, Vibes@EastCoast

Build lean muscle mass, gain strength and lose body fat. Learn strength and aerobic training the easy way! Movements you'll learn: Barbell Lifts Basic Gymnastics Bike, Rower & Ski Erg Kettlebell, Dumbbell & Rope Sandbag & Medicine Ball For enquirires, whatsapp EC at +65 8925 4932

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29. Benjamin Elijah Tan

Singapore 824168

Ex National Bodybuilder, Singapore Manhunt and Singapore Calendar Guys Runner up. I am in the Fitness Industry for the past 14 years and experience in weights training, functional training, pre and post rehabilitation training and weight and fat loss program.