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About Tampines

Tampines is one of the largest residential area in the East region of Singapore. Tampines includes residential areas like Tampines North, Tampines East, Tampines West and Simei with total residential area of 5.49 km2. Total popultation of Tampines is 259,900.

Tampines is served by the East West and Downtown MRT lines. Some of the popular malls to find services are Tampines mall, Tampines 1, Tampines Hub and Century Square mall. The number of options to get a service like personal trainer, handyman or aircon service is so high that it might get confusing and hard to select the right service provider for your needs and budget.

We aim to help people in Tampines in finding the right Gym and Personal Trainer to fit their budget and requirements.

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1. Syahiramin Samsuddin

Tampines, Singapore

Been a trainer for 7 years and counting. Helped and educated people to reach their goals. Do not hesitate to contact me. -lose weight -muscle building -muaythai and kickboxing for fitness -tone up I travel to you with equipments. Outdoor pt,fitness corner or condo gyms let me know your preference.

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2. Kah Onn Kwok

Simei St 4

I have had fitness experience for the past 9 years with my focus on strength, conditioning and cardio-based training. Having a background in food science and nutrition, my methods around fitness and diet are both practical and effective. Having worked an office job prior, I fully understand the struggles of time constraints and motivation. Therefore, I am committed to finding an efficient and manageable plan for you. Drop me a WhatsApp at 90477626 if interested!

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3. Ken Midori

232 Tampines Street 21, Block 232, Singapore 521232

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4. Jackie Yau

3 Flora Dr, Singapore 507010

Coaching client on Weight loss. Build muscle Toning body build core strength Provide diet nutrition guide Coaching martial arts self defence training Wing chun Tae kwondo Muay thai Kickboxing Weights lifting Learn about speed and strengths Tatical self defence

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5. Fidaiy Tan

139 Pasir Ris Street 11

Personal trainer and fitness professional for 8 years. Experienced training with sedentary to athlete individuals regardless of their goals are. Reviews: Social Media:

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With experience in the fitness industry since 2009, i have been a trainer, master trainer, fitness training manager, senior fitness manager and i train fitness managers in a big fitness chain. As a fitness professional, I specialise in pre/post rehab, pre/post natal, strength & conditioning, hypertrophy. Competed in bodybuilding shows so strength/muscle building & fatloss is my game. Do hit me up if you want that change!!

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7. Amsyar Hanif

Pasir Ris, Singapore

I'm Amsyar Hanif, a Registered Nurse turned Fitness Coach. With over 7 years of experience in healthcare, Coach Amsyar has dedicated his career to assisting patients on their journey to recovery. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Coach Amsyar recognized an opportunity to make a greater impact on people's lives by transitioning into the health and fitness industry, focusing on preventative healthcare through exercise and fitness. Starting as a freelance personal trainer, Coac... (View Profile for details)

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8. Daniel A. Karim

486 #07-485 pasir ris dr 4 Singapore, Singapore510486

My journey as a personal trainer started at 2007 and still going on, not only put i can pt but group training, boxing and muay tai too..i am a coach for boxing too.

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9. Haziq Baobed

118 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore 460118

ACE Certified Personal Trainer since April 2017 Former Certis Cisco Fitness Trainer Currently an undergraduate. Friendly and here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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10. Ed-Linddi Ong

75 Tampines Ave 1, Singapore

ACE Certified Personal Trainer NROC Karate Coach

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11. Peter Yeo

Block 502, Singapore 460502

My name is Peter and I am NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) and Standard First Aid + AED certified Personal Trainer. My methods are straightforward, goal-focused and achievable. You will be guided to the proper technique of exercises to achieve your desired goal. To my Clients, I motivate and committed to their well-being and health. Please visit I look forward to partner with you to achieve your goals!

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12. Muhammad Sufian Bin Idris

1 Tampines north Dr. 1, #01-19, Singapore 528559

Muhammad Sufian, a Powerlifter, an IFBB CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER. Started my fitness and exercise journey as a Powerlifter 8 years ago and still am improving on strength and powerlifting. Here to help you to achieve your fitness goals: 🔹Muscle Building 🔹Weight management (Fat loss) 🔹Strength training 🔹Generally keeping fit and healthy Contact me for more details. WhatsApp: 8453 3165 Instagram: @yansufisufian

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13. Azrami Latiff

Bedok South Ave 2, Block 34, Singapore

I have the passion n drive to be a PT ever since I was young ... I am a active person . I was a former Senior Personal Trainer in True Fitness Tampines for 2 years 6 months . I have over 40 clients during that point of time . It’s was tough to keep up on the sales target & therefore I’m looking to do on my own n to focus more on my clients needs n goals. Do contact me at 9 7 6 5 1 4 3 3 .

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14. Pui Yee Tan

416 Bedok North Ave 3, Singapore

Meet Pui Yee, an energetic and dedicated certified trainer committed to empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals and enhance their overall well-being. With a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm, Pui Yee specializes in creating personalized training programs tailored to each client's unique needs and aspirations.

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15. Alex Ang

Bedok, Singapore


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16. Ploy Fit PT

Bedok and Orchard

Hello, My name is Ploy, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who is originally from Thailand but moved to Singapore in late 2018. I used to work in the insurance industry before I decided to follow my passion for fitness in 2021. I started my fitness journey by running in my local park in Bangkok before proceeding to join a gym. After having learnt and practised for many years, one day I had a chance to train and correct my friend’s exercise form. Since then, my reali... (View Profile for details)

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17. Duane Ang

Bedok, Singapore

Focused on fundamentals of exercise. Happy to work with those with limited time or new to exercise and just need some motivation. At your home, exercise park or your private gym.

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18. Zf Pong

Chai Chee Road, Viva Business Park, Singapore

Senior Personal trainer since 2014.