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Amsyar Hanif


Personal Trainer

Pasir Ris, Singapore

Who am I?

I'm Amsyar Hanif, a Registered Nurse turned Fitness Coach. With over 7 years of experience in healthcare, Coach Amsyar has dedicated his career to assisting patients on their journey to recovery. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Coach Amsyar recognized an opportunity to make a greater impact on people's lives by transitioning into the health and fitness industry, focusing on preventative healthcare through exercise and fitness. Starting as a freelance personal trainer, Coach Amsyar soon expanded his expertise to include group fitness coaching at Ritual Gym. Additionally, fueled by his passion for sports, particularly football, he assumed the role of Sports Trainer at a competitive local Football Club (GDT Circuit FC) participating in the FAS Island Wide League. Coach Amsyar also dedicates his time to working with young footballers, helping them enhance their fitness during the off-season. Coach Amsyar's commitment lies in guiding his clients toward achieving their health, fitness, and performance goals using an evidence-based approach. His ultimate mission is to simplify health and fitness for busy professionals. Certifications: Diploma in Nursing NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Edge of The Box Level 1 Coach