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Woodlands, Singapore

About Woodlands

Woodlands is a popular residential area on the northern most region of Singapore, very close to Malaysia. Singaporeans who commute aften to Malaysia for work or business may prefer to buy or rent a house in Woodlands, otherwise commuting to Central Business District can take upto an hour by the red MRT line.

The Causeway Point mall offers the residents with more than 250 shopping outlets and two food courts.

There are quite a few parks and gyms in Woodlands which helps the residents to stay fit and healthy. If you are looking for personal training in Woodlands you might choose a service near your home or work place to avoid extra commuting time.

Finding other services like interior designer, handyman or aircon service might get confusing and hard to select the right service provider for your requirements and budget.

We aim to help people in Woodlands in finding the right Gym and Personal Trainer to fit their budget and requirements.

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1. Alan Siew

Woodlands, Singapore

Results Oriented!!! I have vast experiences training clients from all walks of life,venues ranges from HDB homes to Condo to Public gyms and I can be where you want me to train you at.Let's work together,unleash your potential and achieve objectives soonest possible,please do not hesitate and feel free to Whatsapp or Call me at 97410689 to get a fast response on your requested quote and enquiries.

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2. Jay Thevar

Woodlands, Singapore

No Contracts No Gym Memberships No Joining/Misc fee Your FIRST LESSON is on us! +65 9836 5365

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3. Ruz Yusof

504 Woodlands Drive 14, Singapore.

Fitness professional. Fueled by Iced black coffee. My training philosophy revolves around positivity, satisfaction and educational. I would be more than happy to be a part of your fitness journey, no matter the start. I specialize in: Weight Loss Metabolic Conditioning Functional Strength Kettlebell Specific Muay Thai for fitness Stability & Mobility Myofascial Release Do go to my Instagram @ruzregimen for contents and reviews!

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4. Gaius Nappalli

550 Woodlands Drive 44, Singapore 730550

My name is Gaius , I am a Part time Physical Educator and Trainer bringing 2 years of experience as a Physical Education Teacher since 2018 Also a Personal Trainer: IPCTI Certified since 2019

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5. Preeti Mansukhani

Blk.717,Woodlands.dr.70, #05-116, Singapore 730717

I am an internationally Certified Personal Trainer.(FISAF) I am also a Rehab Trainer(ACE), A Beautician and A Masseuse I have been training ladies for over 7years. I deal with the problems that a lady goes through like water retention, Wind, Gastric issues, hormonal changes. I incorporate Yoga, Pilates, Kick boxing &weight training depending on every individual needs. My VISION is to make fitness and weight management fun and easy for every person, provide coaching and pe... (View Profile for details)

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6. Daniel Tyler

Singapore 730421

My goal is to help you reach you body's full potential and I will give you the best tools in any type of medium possible that will help you improve yourself to reach your full potential. For me, working out is not just lifting things and putting them down, it’s a way of life and self-improvement, and your body is your own temple. So many of those lessons I have learnt in life and for me there are no off days and cause when you're out there partying and horsing around, someone out ther... (View Profile for details)

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65 Jalan Malu-malu, Singapore

We are a personal training and buddy training focused gym. Our mission is to provide a non-intimidating, fun space & impact individuals on their fitness journey. Especially for beginners or people who are always intimidated by the gym setting & prefer a more exclusive space to exercise, we are the right place for you! Get dedicated attention on your fitness needs from our pro trainers who are committed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Instagram - https://www.instagram.... (View Profile for details)

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8. Joshua Tan

12 Jalan Lengkok Sembawang, Singapore

A passionate, knowledgeable martial artist and physical trainer! You've heard of IQ - mental intelligence You've heard of EQ - emotional intelligence Let me introduce you to PQ - physical intelligence I'm here to expand your horizons on your PQ and help you relearn how you can utilise your body using body mechanics.

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9. Fight with Anime

7 Jln Lengkok Sembawang, Singapore 759198

A passionate, knowledgeable, Martial artist and physical trainer! You've heard of IQ - mental intelligence, You've heard of EQ - emotional intelligence Now there's PQ - physical intelligence I'm here to help expand your PQ and show you the path to relearn how to use your body.

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10. Shaun Ang

150 Canberra Dr, Singapore 768079

I'm a personal trainer and I have been coaching for close to 4 years

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11. Ansel Feng

140 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore 760140

Elite trainer. Specialise in weightloss, Strength training and high performance. Let’s work together to create the best version of yourself!