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Best Aircon Servicing in Singapore

StringsSG helps you to get the best air conditioner servicing in Singapore at affordable pricing. Services include aircon cleaning, maintenance, aircon chemical wash & overhaul, aircon repair and refrigerant gas top up.

Get instant quotations and booking confirmation when you book an ac servicing with us. We also provide same day emergency service.

We have standardized the service and pricing based on thousands of data points on our AI platform. Additionally, by helping our aircon contract partners to cut down expenses on job management, marketing, invoicing etc.; we are able to bring to you the best quality and cheapest aircon servicing deals.

Aircon Servicing Singapore - StringsSG

The unique and innovative instant search helps to find an affordable aircon service near you.

Find out how much you should spend on aircon servicing with the advanced data-driven cost calculator.

Our aircon servicing partners have over 10 years of experience in providing all types of A/C service and repair.

Be it one-time servicing, annual servicing package, gas top up or aircon chemical wash, we are ready to serve 24/7.

How to Book Aircon Service

1. Request

Open a new aircon servicing request on the StringsSG web or mobile application. It takes less than a minute to do so.

2. Connect

The platform will assign the best matching aircon contractor for the servicing. Use the chat feature to interact with the technician.

3. Service

The technician will arrive at your place on the requested date and time to conduct the ac repair or servicing.

4. Pay

Make the payment from your StringsSG account after the service is complete. Available payment options are PayNow, GrabPay, Credit/Debit and many more.

Our Services

General Aircon Cleaning Service

We provide a comprehensive general servicing solution at affordable pricing which will keep you aircon clean and provided great cooling.

Aircon Chemical Wash and Overhaul

Remove harmful germs, molds and bacteria from your aircon units with this powerful service that helps you breathe fresh air every day.

AC Troubleshooting & Repair

Any problems like air not cold, overheating, gas leakage or water leakage with your air con can be fixed by expert professionals.

Air Conditioner Installation

Our expert aircon technician can install new air conditioner in your home and office. All brands of Aircon are covered -  LGDaikinMitsubishi and more

Aircon Gas Top Up

Our service providers can help with aircon gas top up with types R22 and R410A and regular monitoring. Learn more about the process and pricing.

Aircon Parts Replacement

Any damaged aircon parts like fan, motor, coils, wiring, drainage pipes etc. can be replaced by our technicians.

Singapore Regulations on Air Conditioning Systems

In Singapore, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) have placed regulations around air conditioning systems to ensure safety and environment efficient operation. These regulations include the Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system under the Building Control Act and the Environmental Public Health Act.

As per these regulations, the NEA recommends regular servicing of all aircon units at least every 3 months, whereas BCA recommends a servicing at least once a year.

All aircon service contractors must be licensed by NEA and the technician must be trained to conduct aircon servicing.

All residential and business air conditioning systems must comply to these regulations in Singapore.

How to get the cheapest aircon servicing?

While it's important to prioritize on quality and reliability when it comes to aircon servicing, there are still ways to find cheaper options. To find cheap aircon servicing in Singapore follow this tips:

1. Compare prices - Contact multiple aircon servicing companies and compare their prices for the services you need. This is a very tedious and time consuming process without the guarantee that you will find something cheap.

2. Promotions - Many aircon servicing companies offer promotions and discounts, particularly during off-peak seasons. Check their websites or social media pages for current promotions.

3. Packaged Service - If you need multiple services, such as cleaning, maintenance, and repair, ask if the company offers discounts for bundling these services together.

4. Negotiate - If you have a budget in mind, don't be afraid to negotiate with the aircon servicing company. Not everyone has the skills though.

5. DIY maintenance - Regularly cleaning and maintaining your air conditioning unit yourself can help reduce the need for professional servicing, which can save you money in the long run.

Aircon technician cleaning aircon unit

StringsSG Aircon Servicing is the smartest way to get the cheapest aircon service!

Our platform consolidates over 9500 data points since August 2018 to standardize the the cheapest aircon servicing price in Singapore.

StringsSG partners with some of the best aircon servicing companies in Singapore to provide you with high quality aircon servicing. Once you open a request on our web or mobile platform, the system will automatically locate and assign a reliable aircon service contractor who can meet your requirements and also fit your budget.

We always have exciting discounts or promotions to help you get affordable aircon service.

Aircon servicing companies in Singapore

Aircon technician cleaning aircon unit

In Singapore, there are several aircon servicing contractors who offer different types of service as per your requirement and budget. Most companies in Singapore offer aircon cleaning servicing, maintenance, chemical wash & overhaul, aircon repair and installation. They can also offer annual service packages for periodic aircon servicing and maintenance, which is economical.

It is important to consider their experience, reputation, the range of service they offer, pricing, and client reviews, before your choose one company over the other. It is also important to ensure that the service provider uses safe and effective cleaning methods and products to avoid damage to the unit or harm to occupants.

StringsSG partners with some of the best aircon servicing companies in Singapore to provide you with high quality aircon servicing. Once you open a request on our web or mobile platform, they system will automatically locate and assign a reliable aircon service contractor who can meet your requirements and budget.

Common Aircon Problems We Fix

Aircons are complex machines with several parts, circuits, devices, metal/plastic frames and not to forget the refrigerant gas (R22 or 410A). So, you can imagine how many things can go wrong. Here we cover some of the most common problems you might face with your air conditioner.

Urgent Aircon Repair

StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Communication

Aircon stopped working?

Aircon is leaking water?

Aircon is noisy?

You may need an emergency service to fix your air conditioner. An urgent or emergency service is requested when you need an aircon service or repair within 24 hours. You can open a new request with the latest available service date and mention the urgency of your request under request description.

Aircon Chemical Wash vs Chemical Overhaul

remove germs with aircon chemical wash

Often people get confused with these terms and what do they mean in terms of cleaning and expenses.

Chemical wash is the process of cleaning aircon unit filters, evaporator coils and drain pan using a chemical solution. It is used to kill harmful fungus and bacteria growing in your aircon.

A chemical overhaul is advanced chemical wash where the entire aircon unit is dismantled and the cleansing is quite extensive and more effective.

Learn more about pricing, process and booking of chemical wash and chemical overhaul for yur aircon.

Affordable Pricing

StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Jobs
Our platform offers attractive offers and discounts on your booking.
Our AI-driven platform uses thousands of data-points to dynamically calculate the most affordable pricing for you based on your air conditioner servicing requirements.
For most services related to aircon servicing, repair or chemical wash, there is a very high probability that our platform's pricing calculation is the cheapest pricing in Singapore.

Aircon Servicing Price Calculator

Use this calculator to get an estimation of how much you should be paying for Aircon Servicing in Singapore, excluding discount. For calculations with discount use the actual request form.

Anything else you want us to include?

Instant Booking

Instant Air Conditioner Service Booking

Our platform does instant evaluation of your aircon servicing requirements and notifies matching air conditioner service contractors near you.

AC Service & Price Negotiation

Before the service is assigned to a contractor, the contractor must agree to the servicing job scope and pricing you confirmed. You will be notified on the StringSG platform when a contractor is assigned, which usually takes less than 2 minutes from the time you opened the servicing request.

Secure Payment

Make the payment for your aircon servicing on the StringsSG platform, to enjoy attractive discounts, and stay protected from disputes and scams.
StringsSG secures your payment by the trusted Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3), which is the highest level of network protection.
You can choose to pay with the many options available like, PayNow, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, GrabPay and many more.

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Things to know & consider for Aircon Service

Here are some things to know about and consider for aircon servicing in Singapore.

Frequency of Service - As per NEA (National Environment Agency of Singapore), Aircon units must be serviced at least every 3 months to be environment efficient. The frequency of service may also depend on the terms of your tenancy agreement, the age of the aircon and the usage.

Types of Servicing - The different type of aircon servicing in Singapore are general cleaning, chemical cleaning, and overhaul. General servicing is basic cleaning of the air con unit and its components, while chemical cleaning involves a more thorough cleaning with chemical. Overhaul requires complete dismantling of the aircon unit and the internal components and then thoroughly cleaning them with a special chemical.

Cold air from aircon

Cost of Servicing The cost of servicing varies based of the types of servicing you need, even the capacity of your aircon (in BTU) as decides the cost. Servicing of commercial units may be more expensive than residential aircon units.

Licensed Technicians - Aircon servicing must be conducted by NEA licensed aircon contract companies and the technicians must be well trained on the subjects of aircon service.

Foul smell from aircon

Top 6 Benefits Of Aircon Servicing

Aircon Longevity - Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase the longevity of your aircon to upto 15 to 20 years. Ideally, aircon servicing should be done after every 3 months. If you find it expensive, we recommend a servicing at least after every 4 months. If regular servicing is not conducted then the lifespan of the aircon may reduce to a few years only.

Value for Money - If you do regular servicing, you may actually end up saving on highly expensive chemical overhaul and repairs in the long run.

Fresh Air - Aircon servicing by experienced professionals guarantees complete cleaning of dirt that may accumulate of the filters and evaporator coil, so that you only get dust free air.

Aircon blowing fresh and cold air

Protection against infections - The moist environment in an aircon unit supports the growth of harmful bacteria, fungus and mold; resulting in contaminated air from the aircon. This can result in a foul smell and even make you fall sick from breathing the air. A regular aircon cleaning or chemical wash/chemical overhaul can help to remove these harmful germs.

Save on Electricity Bill - The cleaner your aircon is the better the aircon conditioning efficiency is, and efficient conditioning means faster cooling effect and less electricity bills.

Aircon Service Proof - If you are renting a house in Singapore, you may be required to produce a proof of regular aircon servicing to your landlord/house owner. You will be provided with service agreement contracts and service records when you book your aircon servicing with us.

Aircon magnified germs and bacteria

When is Aircon repair needed?

Are you wondering why your aircon has stopped working suddenly? Air con can stop working because of several reasons. There are certain faults you can fix by yourself, and some problems might require you to get help from aircon servicing companies for professional service.

When to get Aircon repair service

How To Find Aircon Service Near Me?

Almost every household in Singapore uses aircon because of the hot weather, so the demand for air con repair and servicing is very high. Which also means there are a lot of aircon servicing companies in Singapore.

Aircon service man

Brands We Support

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Aircon Servicing FAQs

Aircon Servicing for 3 units for a one-time servicing can cost between $70 to $100, depending on the service provider. It can be quite a hectic task to browse through the hunderds of ac servicing companies to find the one which best matches your budget.