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StringsSG helps you to get cheap and reliable annual aircon service packages which is a great option if you need regular aircon servicing in Singapore. Here are some of the advantages of annual packages:


Our annual service packages provides a much more cost-effective way for regular aircon servicing against individual servicing orders. With packages, you would save a considerable amount on your aircon servicing expenses.

Comprehensive servicing

The annual package includes comprehensive aircon cleaning, refrigerant gas checking and overall maintenance of the aircon units, which will help to improve the longevity of the aircon.

User-friendly Platform

You can view and manage your packages on the platform, interact with the assigned aircon contractor and reschedule the upcoming service.

Regular maintenance

With the annual package, you don't need to remember when to schedule the next servicing session. The platform will automatically schedule it for you based on the service frequency of the package. You will also have the option to reschedule it to your preferred date and time.

Reliable service

StringsSG is a trustworthy and reliable platform to find the best aircon technicians in Singapore. Our highly experienced aircon technicians can quickly diagnose and fix any aircon problems, ensuring that your aircon unit is always in good hands.

Flexible package options

StringsSG offers several annual aircon service options. You can choose an annual package between 4, 3 or 2 servicing in a year, depending on your requirements and budget.

AC Service Annual Package Price

No. of Aircons4 times/year3 times/year
1 Units160.63120.47
2 Units180.74135.55
3 Units229.83172.37
4 Units277.84208.38
5 Units317.94238.46
more than 5Open request for pricingOpen request for pricing

Aircon Service Agreement & Service Records

Get electronically generated PDF version of the service agreement, if you get an air cond service package.
PDF version of the service receipt/invoice is available for you on the application for both one-time servicing and packages.
Aircon servicing proof for tenants in the form of PDF receipts/invoice or service records are electronically generated for you.
Sample Service Agreement
StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Communication
Sample Service Record
StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Communication

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