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Aircon Installation Guide

Moving in to a new house or just want to replace your Aircon? Everything you need to know about a new Aircon installation.

Topic Highlights

  • Which Aircon brand to buy
  • Which type of Aircon to buy
  • How many fan units should the aircon have
  • What is the cost of Aircon installation
  • How long does it take for Aircon installation
technician installing the aircon unit

Which Aircon Brand To Buy

There are quite a few popular and trusted air con brands that you can choose from like -  LGDaikinMitsubishiPanasonic and many more. If you have a favorite brand go for it, they are all good or

Which Type Of Aircon To Buy

You can either go for a window Aircon or split AC.

1. Window AC - A window aircon as the name suggests is attached to the window with the fan facing inside the room and the condenser facing outside. This is a cheaper option and works well when you just have one room to cool. Off course, the window design of your apartment or house must support this installation

2. Split Aircon - In a split AC the condenser and the fan are separated. The condenser is installed out the house, most of the time it is hanging outside the apartment. Whereas the fan units are installed inside the rooms of your house. This is must neater installation, but would require some drilling of the walls to place the pipes connecting the condenser and fan units. Split aircon are recommended when you want one condenser to cool more than one room or when your room design does not support installation of window aircon

How Many Aircon Fan Units Should You Buy

This is applicable to split AC only. The number of Aircon fan unit units you need is proportionate to the number of rooms you would like to cool in the house. It also depending on the cooling capacity of the condenser. You cannot have too many fan units for low cooling capacity condenser. Additionally, when the room size is big you may need a fan unit with higher cooling capacity as well. Check with your Aircon service provider for better clarification on what is the suited for your house and room size.

Aircon Installation Cost

The cost of Aircon installation depends on the type of Aircon you select and also the number of fan units. Open a request to get pricing details. One of the Aircon service provider representative will do an initial inspection of your house based on your requirements and then provide you with quotations.

How Long Does It Take For Aircon Installation

After you agree to the quotations provided by the representative, the Aircon company will work out the installation date with you. If it is a working day, we recommended working from home or taking the day off as it might take the entire day to finish the installation. Expect your house to get dirty with dusts from the drilling, so ensure to cover you interiors with plastic until the work is done. You would need to do a thorough house cleaning later to remove the dusts.

Make sure to test the Aircon cooling, oscillation and other functions with the provide remote control before you let the technicians leave.

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