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Aircon Cleaning and Maintenance

Aircon cleaning is an important service in Singapore due to the hot and humid climate. As a result of constant use of the air conditioning systems, they may accumulate dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants, reducing their efficiency and lifespan, as well as posing health risks to occupants. Our professional aircon cleaning services in Singapore can help to clean the air filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and other part of the indoor as well as outdoor unit, check for gas leakage and help to prevent any major damage to the aircon by taking necessary actions.

In Singapore, general aircon servicing is a standard process of cleaning and maintenance service of the aircon. National Environment Agent of Singapore (NEA) recommends a standard aircon cleaning service every 3 months for environment safety, energy efficient and optimal cooling performance of the aircon.

General Aircon Service Pricing

One-Time Servicing

No. of AirconsPricing
1 AC unitSGD 43.24
2 AC unitSGD 51.34
3 AC unitSGD 65.50
4 AC unitSGD 79.67
5 AC unitSGD 89.24
more than 5Open request for pricing

Annual Package

No. of Aircons4 times/year3 times/year
1 UnitsSGD 167.77SGD 125.83
2 UnitsSGD 197.13SGD 147.85
3 UnitsSGD 248.92SGD 186.69
4 UnitsSGD 299.57SGD 224.68
5 UnitsSGD 331.97SGD 248.98
more than 5Open request for pricingOpen request for pricing

Gas To Up Pricing

Gas typePricing
R410ASGD 60 - SGD 150
R22SGD 40 - SGD 100

General Servicing Process

Here are the 6 most important steps of a general aircon servicing

1. Air Filter & Front Panel/Cover Cleaning

Clogged up or dirty air filter can prevent the passage of cold air and may also strain the aircon. In this vital step the air filters are thoroughly cleaned. The technician may also feel the necessity of removing the air filters and then cleaning them under running water or jet spray.

2. Cleaning of Evaporator Coil

Dirt may accumulate on the evaporator coil of the indoor unit which will negatively impact the condensation process; therefore, the technician will ensure that the coil is properly cleaned with brush and vacuum.

3. Drain Pan or Drainage Tray Cleaning

A clogged-up drain pan can lead to leaking water; hence the technician will clean the drain on the unit to remove any accumulated dirt.

4. Vacuuming of Drainage Pipe

If the technician feels a need, then the drainage pipe that most likely runs to your bathroom will be vacuum cleaned to remove any clogs.

5. Outdoor Condenser Performance Checking

The outdoor condenser unit is the primary supply of electricity and cooling to the indoor units. The technician will check the overall performance of the condenser and inform you if any additional task like condenser cleaning is needed. Additional tasks are chargeable.

6. Monitor Refrigerant Gas Level

Refrigerant gas acts as the cooling agent for the air conditioner, if the gas level is too low or empty there may be no cooling effect. The technician will use a device to check the gas level and inform you if it needs a refill.


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Why you need Aircon Cleaning Service?

Improved air quality - Air conditioning units over time accumulates dirt, moisture and other contaminants, which reduces the air quality in your room. Regular aircon cleaning helps to remove these particles and improve the overall air quality.

Increased efficiency - A clean air conditioning unit will operate more efficiently, which helps to lower electricity bills and a longer lifespan for the system.

Enhanced comfort - A clean air conditioning unit can provide more consistent and comfortable cooling, as it will be able to maintain the desired temperature more effectively.

cool air after aircon cleaning

Health benefits - Air conditioning units can home to bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms, which can be detrimental to your health. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate these risks.

Cost-effective - Regular cleaning can save you from expensive repair costs by preventing major damage to the aircon.

Aircon Cleaning companies in Singapore

Aircon technician cleaning aircon unit

In Singapore, there are several aircon cleaning contractors who offer different types of aircon servicing as per your requirement and budget. Most companies in Singapore offer general cleaning servicing either one-time or as an annual package.

It is important to consider their experience, reputation, the range of service they offer, pricing, and client reviews, before you choose one company over the other. It is also important to ensure that the service provider uses safe and effective cleaning methods and products to avoid damage to the unit or harm to occupants.

StringsSG partners with some of the best aircon servicing companies in Singapore to provide you with high quality aircon servicing. Once you open a request on our web or mobile platform, the system will automatically locate and assign a reliable aircon service contractor who can meet your requirements and budget.


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