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Mohamed Nazir


Personal Trainer


Who am I?

Born into a family whom both my parents passed away due to Critical Illness, I decided to approach health and fitness into 3 fronts; 1. Movement 2. Diets 3. Supplementation. Since my NS days, I have been interested in Health and Fitness. Educating and experimentating with various knowledge out there and setting up NAZ Fitness. I'm a Certified Personal Training (NCSF) as well as a Taekwondo (Represent SG in 2005) / Kickboxing Instructor. Currently, I'm a Physical Training Instructor focusing on the following: ▪Fat-loss ▪Strength and Conditioning Training Of course, apart from that, I also do: • Taekwondo • Kickboxing • Youth Training • Bodyweight Training What or Who is Naz Fitness? Naz Fitness (which I setup in Nov 2019) believes in building a strong foundation of your fitness level. That is why we believe that Bodyweight is the best thing to-go-to, to build your foundation functional real-world strength and conditioning before advancing to the next level. You think Bodyweight is Easy? Wait till you try it. But of course, we just dont stop there. As you advance and get stronger and better, other aspect of fitness will come to play a part in your fitness lifestyle journey. Dedication and Mindset must change. As you embark a new journey, you do need to realise that this is a LIFESTYLE Change rather than a simple Weight-Loss Change. It's everything about yourself and your journey to be a Better You tomorrow. We are here to Dedicate Yourself to Becoming Your Best. *About the Program:* A bodyweight transformation program that is ideal for all fitness background and level. Consisting of 4 different programs, all can be adjusted to the individual fitness level and experience. Each program represents the different duration of transformation. We have a trial period of 14 days for to give it a try before jumping ahead into the progeam proper. Afterwards, you have 30, 60, & 90 days program depending on your affordability as well as commitment. *What Do You Get:* Since this is an Online Challenge, you will have videos to Learn the proper techniques (which is very important for injury proof). On-top of it, we make it challenging for your body through metabolic fitness, and learning the proper eating habits guided by the coach. Be it losing bodyfat or gaining muscle mass, the coach is still available to assist you in whatever ways he possibly can. *Diet Plan:* Through our community access and the knowledge and experience of the coach, every meal is assess and guided to ensure that you will get your optimal nutrition to achieve your body goal. If you like to know more about myself or my services, you can check out at