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Mohamed Nazir


Personal Trainer


Who am I?

Born into a family whom both my parents passed away due to Critical Illness, I decided to approach health and fitness into 3 fronts; 1. Movement 2. Nutrition 3. Supplementation. Since my NS days, I have been interested in Health and Fitness. Educating and experimenting with various knowledge out there. I'm a Certified Personal Training (NCSF) as well as a Taekwondo (Represent SG in 2005) / Kickboxing Instructor. Currently, I'm a Mind Body Action High Performance Coach (MBA HPC) under Revvo Academy of Wellness focusing on the following: ▪ Fat-loss ▪ Strength and Conditioning Training ▪ Body Recomposition ▪ Body Wellness (Sports Massage / Cupping) ▪ Combat/Warrior Fitness Training Of course, apart from that, I also do: • Taekwondo • Kickboxing • Self-Defence • Youth Training (for both general fitness and NS IPPT training) • Bodyweight Training Pillars of the Programme Fitness All workout routines are carefully designed to engage, strengthen and tone up the body as well as developing the cardio aspects. While the fitter participants are able to do the workouts at more intense pace or with heavier weights, at the same time, we are able to cater to the not-as-fit by introducing regression or less intense versions. Nutrition To achieve health and fitness results, nutrition plays a very critical role. It is not only about the controlling of macro nutrients, it is also about the micronutrients and phytonutrients that support the absorption of the macros, as well as to develop immunity and enhance cell regeneration. Education, engagement and experiential support are provided to cover this most important aspect. The RITE Workouts REVVO Interval Training Experience (RITE) is a 45 min workout session that caters to people of all fitness and functional levels. Whether you start from ground zero or one who is conditioned for high performance workout, we guarantee you a GOOD SWEATOUT! All exercises with effective results end with nourishing yourself with a post workout recovery protein shake. Coaches and Community It is very challenging to be on a solo journey to achieve weight, health and fitness transformation. The journey will be made easier and fun for you when you have credible Revvo coaches who can inspire you and when you are immersed in a community of people with the similar mindset and great enthusiasm for a healthier, fitter and happier life. Personalization Everyone will have different readiness and pace to achieve his or her goals. All programmes are personalized according to your current needs and readiness, at your desired level of pace and progress. Fun & Smiles Happiness is the key. Enjoy the wellness journey, Make friends. Sweat and Smile. If you like to know more about myself or my services, you can check out at: