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Michael Kwok


Personal Trainer

Singapore, Singapore

Who am I?

Hi, My name is Mic. I am a Certified Fitness / Personal Trainer, and I have been working in the Fitness Industry since 2007. I am the creator of S.E.E. Fitness, where my training strategy is about 'Train Smart, not Train Hard'. This is a unique strategy, as I noticed many people spent too much time and effort on exercise, but not enough on Sleep and Nutrition. As a result, you either do not achieve your desired physique, or you get lots of injuries. Fyi, your success of getting a good physique lies in 80% effort in managing both Sleep and Nutrition, and only 20% is on exercise. My goal is to help you achieve your fitness goal using the least amount of time and effort by training smart, and not training hard. In the workplace, people talk about working smart, and not working hard; the same goes for exercise - You Train Smart, and Not Train Hard! Therefore I have created a Free online course to help educate anyone here to achieve their desired physique using the principle 'Train Smart, Not Train Hard'. This course will be unique by getting to focus more on sleep and nutrition, and less on exercise, and it is scientifically proven to help you get your desired physique faster and better. So do check it out here: Check out my website: Youtube: Remember always: TRAIN SMART, NOT TRAIN HARD!