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Ali Aziz


Personal Trainer

272 Bishan Street 24, Singapore

Who am I?

* fatloss program * weight loss management * body toning/build muscle * strength training * powerlifting Hi,my name is Ali.. I’m a certified personal trainer,an athlete for bodybuilding competition myself and I’ve been in fitness industry for more than 10 years.. Credentials are as follow.. 3rd placing for wbpf bodybuilding national 2015 Top 5 international bodybuilding nabba 2016 1st placing for national bodybuilding nabba 2017 1st placing for international bodybuilding nabba 2017 I would love to guide all fitness levels from zero to advanced. To adequately brief u on the fundamentals of resistance training from hyperthropy,weight loss ,strength training,powerlifting and so on.. Fitness is a journey,its never a destination!