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Shafiq (Meraki Fight Fitness)



Clarke Quay, Singapore

Who am I?

“Leading by example through persevering and prevailing, and to inspire progressive transformative success.” Founder and Head Coach of Meraki Fight Fitness. A martial arts with different disciple group class that instils confidence, positive attitude and self-defence. It also represents camaraderie and fun-filled enjoyment through our community. Meraki Fight Fitness also infuses and focuses on metabolic conditioning and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that will get you stronger, leaner and fitter, together. Also, a Personal Trainer that does 1-on-1 coaching for individuals who wants to achieve a certain body goal, with 9 years in the fitness industry and 4 years of martial arts, mostly boxing and kickboxing. Be it losing body fat percentage, attaining muscle growth, or learning the techniques of Martial Arts such as Muay Thai. If you are keen, drop me a text at 90889498 or email and I will be happy and grateful to meet up with you so we can kickstart your transformation journey.