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Vanessa Chua


Personal Trainer

Singapore, Singapore

Who am I?

Hi all! Am a personal trainer for females and have been actively in this field for close to 2 years now. A brief intro of me: Am 27, female. And have been in the gym for close to 6 years now. I was really afraid of people judging me when I first went to gym as I was all alone, not knowing what was next to do. Girls if you feel that way, your not alone! 💯 after multiple trial and error on myself, I found the courage to just do what I need to do for myself and for the sake of my own goals and that is just to do it and ignore my surroundings. Been working out 5-6x a week consistently, on a pretty clean diet and yes I can see results and it was the best feeling ever 🥲 now I am stepping out of my shell and deciding to pursue my career in the fitness industry, hoping to help more people achieve their fitness goals and also to increase your confidence in the gym. Do not be afraid of unleashing your strong inner self girlies! 😍 Specialised in: -Fat loss -Muscle building -Strength and endurance Also for more info/transformation pictures of myself do chat me up ladies! 🙆🏻‍♀️ DM me on insta is fine too @happypotatosloth