Terms on Packaged Service for Service Provider

When is it applicable?
If you have accepted and have been paid for any type of service package like annual service package, sessions package or hourly package etc. originating from a client request on the StringsSG platform.

1. Closing the job (applicable to first service of the package):

After the first service is complete, the job must be closed immediately under 'Upcoming Jobs', this will help the client to receive the generated service agreement contract and the service record for the first service.

2. Monitoring Service Schedule:

The service provider is responsible for monitoring the subsequent service schedule of packages and ensuring that the services are carried out on time.

3. Service Reminder and Adjusting Schedules:

Next service dates are automatically generated by the platform based on the clients package. The service provider should send reminders to clients at least 7 days before the next service date on the package and wait for a confirmation from client. The client may request a change of date from the platform subject to the service provider's approval. If you have acquired the agreement on the next service date from the client over a call or messaging platform, you may proceed to update the service date from your side.

Sample reminder message (from StringsSG Chat or other messaging platform like WhatsApp):
Hello [name],
As per your packaged service with us, your next servicing is scheduled for [date]. Please confirm the date. If you wish to request a new date please request under "My Packages" of your account by tapping the "Next Service Date", subject to approval based on our availability.
Thank You

4. New Job Request:

If additional work is needed during a subsequent service, the service provider must send a new job request to the client for approval and proceed upon approval.

5. Timely and Satisfactory Service:

The service provider must provide clients with timely and satisfactory services.

6. Service Record for subsequent services:

After a service is complete for subsequent services, the service provider is responsible for marking the service as 'Complete' with appropriate service remarks for the service record.

7. Responding to Inquiries:

The service provider should respond to any client inquiries through the chat function provided on the StringsSG platform.

8. Breach of Terms:

Charging clients outside of the knowledge of StringsSG is a breach of terms and is not allowed.