Terms on Payment to Service Provider

Please find below the terms for payment from StringsSG to service providers, including the requirement for adherence to invoicing guidelines:

1. Payment Terms:

Payment from StringsSG to service provider's Stripe payout account will automatically occur once the client has made a payment. StringsSG funnels direct transfer of the due amount from the client to the service provider's Payout account setup on the StringsSG platform.

2. Payment Confirmation:

Upon completion of the service, the service provider must ensure that the client has made the full payment for the job. Service provider must verify the payment status on the StringsSG platform to confirm that the payment has been made in full. Failure to confirm payment after the service may delay the credit of earnings to the service provider's account and sometimes result in non-payment if StringsSG is unable to collect the payment from the client/service requester.

3. Payment to Service Provider's Bank Account:

Service provider can transfer the available balance from their payout account to their bank account or debit card depending on how they are setup on the platform.

4. Valid Invoice:

A valid invoice must include all necessary information as outlined in the invoicing guidelines provided by StringsSG. The service provider is responsible for generating a correct and complete invoice in a timeline manner.

5. Invoicing Guidelines:

The service provider must adhere to the invoicing guidelines provided by StringsSG. Any deviation from the guidelines may result in delay or rejection of payment from client.

  1. Additional costs to the client must be confirmed by the service provider with client before the invoice is updated.
  2. StringsSG handles invoicing to the client. Service providers must not issue any other invoice to the client from their side.
  3. Service providers must follow any instructions related to invoicing, issued over email to their registered email Id.

6. Approval for Additional Work:

In the event that additional work is required beyond the scope of the original request, service providers are required to seek approval through the StringsSG platform from the StringsSG account holder who initiated the request.

  1. (i) Quote Extra Work: Service providers may submit a quotation for the additional work on the platform and await approval from the account holder before proceeding with the extra work.
  2. (ii) Chat Approval: Alternatively, service providers may use the StringsSG platform's chat feature to discuss and obtain approval for the additional costs associated with the extra work. Work should not commence until the account holder has provided written approval through the chat.

7. Payment Mode:

StringsSG funnels direct transfer of the due amount from the client to the service provider's Payout account setup on the StringsSG platform. In some cases, payment shall be made via the mode specified by StringsSG, such as bank transfer or online payment.

8. Termination of Services:

StringsSG reserves the right to terminate services in the event of a breach of agreement or non-compliance with invoicing guidelines.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the service provider acknowledges their responsibility to generate accurate and complete invoices in compliance with invoicing guidelines provided by StringsSG. Payment shall be made only for valid invoices generated in accordance with the guidelines.