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We are Singapore's most popular professional & home service booking platform.

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What we offer
Get clients with ease
Job management
Team management
Payment management
Invoice management

How it Works?

1. Register

Sign up as an Aircon Service provider. Update your profile and business information. Set up your bank account to receive payment from jobs.

2. Connect

Accept a job if you like the pricing and service date. Chat with the client, or use the direct Call and Whatsapp features.

3. Service

"Start Job" on the app to start the job as per the confirmed service date and time.

4. Payment

"Send Invoice" on the app upon job completion. Your earning will be credited into your payout account.


StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Jobs
Instant notification to your mobile and email will be sent when a new job request arrives.
Make sure to have the mobile app installed to be able to respond to the request immediately.
Accept the job if you like the pricing and are available for the requested date and time slot.


StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Earnings
Accept more jobs for better earning.
We charge a very competitive and reasonable pricing to the clients.
Set up your payout account with a debit card to get instant payment.

Your Earning =
Pricing - ( Discount + Platform fees )


When a client opens a request, the pricing is auto-calculated on our AI driven platform based on the service requirements.


Sometimes we may offer discounts to clients to get you more jobs, which is a percent of your earning.

Platform fees

We may charge a small platform fee to cover operational expenses of the platform.

Aircon Servicing Earning Calculator

Use this calculator to get real-time estimation of earning after platform fee. Client discounts are not considered for this estimation.

This AI driven calculator derives real-time earnings estimate based on thousands of data points, clients requirement, platform fee and several other factors.

Anything else you want us to include?

Client Communication

In-built chat system to connect with the client.
Call feature to call the client when necessary.
Seamlessly reschedule service date when needed.
StringsSG Aircon Service Provider Communication

Other Features

Job Management Portal

Use this portal to seamlessly track and manage the flow of a job. The usual sequence in Accept Job > Start Job > Send Invoice.

You also have the option to cancel a job after you have accepted it, in such a case the job gets assigned to another service provider. You cannot cancel a job if you have started working on it.

Team Management

You can create multiple teams under your account and assign jobs to them. The teams will be able access only the jobs assigned to them and manage the job cycle on their own, which to cut down your overall time spent on operations.

Easily create a shareable link for the jobs and share it with your associates to help you track and manage the job.

Payout Account

You can setup and manage your payout account under Account > Payout. We partner with Stripe to enable frictionless payment to your bank account. Instant payouts to Debit cards are available for eligible banks like DBS, OCBC, UOB and many more in Singapore.

This is where you can make transfers to your bank account and add, remove or set default accounts for receiving payments.

Invoice/Receipt Management

We will handle the invoices and receipts for clients.

Access payment from jobs under under Account > Payout > Payment from Jobs.