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Move In Move Out Cleaning

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What is move-out or end of tenancy lease cleaning?

If you have rented a place in Singapore, as per your tenancy agreement, when you move out of the rented house, you may be required to do a move-out cleaning.

A move-out cleaning is supposed to be a deep, comprehensive and thorough cleaning process designed for your house. In order to meet the expectations of the landlord or property management, or to leave the room immaculate for the next tenant, this kind of cleaning goes above and beyond standard maintenance cleaning.

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What is move-in cleaning?

Move-in cleaning is technically the same as move-out cleaning but from the perspective from a new occupant moving in to the house.

Relocating to a new house or getting ready to move out of your old one can include a lot of feelings and work. The significance of a spotless living area frequently gets lost in the confusion of packing, unpacking, and organizing logistics. To ensure a smooth transition into or out of your house, our professional move-in and move-out cleaning services in Singapore are here to help.

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Services Inclusions

Living Area

Wipe all surfaces, including aircon exterior. Clean window interiors, frames, and sills. Wipe cabinet interiors and shelves if empty. Clean ceiling fans and standard light fixtures. Vacuum and mop floor area.


Wipe all surfaces (including air-con exterior, window interiors, frames, sills, ceiling fans, light fixtures, cabinets, and shelves). Wipe racks and drawers if empty. Dispose of and replace garbage bags. Vacuum and mop floor area.


Wipe all surfaces, including empty cabinets, sinks, dining tables, and tiled walls. Clean kitchen appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, cooker hood, and hob. Dispose of and replace garbage bags. Vacuum and mop floor area.


Clean all surfaces, including toilet bowls, bathtub/shower area, glass surfaces, mirrors, basin, tap, ventilation fan, floor, drains, wall tiles, and door. Wipe racks and drawers if empty. Dispose of and replace existing garbage bags.


Mop balcony, wipe glass windows, metal grilles (if any), and clean washing machine exterior.

Move Out Cleaning Price

The cost of move out cleaning service for a 1000 Sqft apartment can cost anywhere between $400 - $600 in Singapore, whereas for a 1500 Sqft apartment it can cost $550 - $700. the cost may vary depending on the type of house like, HDB, Condo or Landed house. Different cleaning companies also charge differently as per their price chart.
At StringsSG, the pricing is calculated in a more smarter way which takes into consideration the exact floor size of the house, whereas our competitors use a range of square footage to dictate the pricing. StringsSG's platform also takes into consideration the current market trends based on internal research statistics which balance the price based on supply demand. Use the StringsSG instant quotation calculator to get the exact pricing for your next move out cleaning.

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