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Part Time Cleaner Rates Singapore

How much does an hourly domestic maid cost in Singapore?

According to our analytics research from March 26, 2023, the hourly rate for a part-time home cleaner in Singapore typically ranges from $18 to $30. This range can vary due to factors such as the service provider you choose, your location, and the specific services included.

Base on our statistics from over 7000 data points, majority of residents in Singapore pays somewhere around $20 to $26 per hour for hourly domestic helpers.

At StringsSG, we pride ourselves on providing unbeatable value for part-time helper services. Our trusted and reliable service partners undergo rigorous background verifications before joining our platform. Additionally, our pricing becomes significantly more cost-effective when you request maids for longer hours due to attractive account discounts.

Factors influencing part time maid hourly rates

1. Type of cleaning service:

General cleaning services typically encompass basic cleaning tasks that are part of regular maintenance. These services often include dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning surfaces, and basic bathroom and kitchen sanitation. The rates for these services may be more standardized and commonly priced.

On the other hand, specialized services such as deep cleaning or upholstery cleaning involve more intensive and detailed work. Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface and targets areas that might not receive regular attention, such as behind appliances, inside cabinets, or high-touch areas. Upholstery cleaning involves delicate materials and specialized techniques to clean furniture fabrics effectively. These specialized services often require more time, specific skills, and sometimes specialized equipment or cleaning solutions, which can result in higher service charges compared to general cleaning.

2. Cleaning equipments:

If you do not have general home cleaning equipments for activities like sweeping, mopping, toilet brush etc, the part-time cleaners may charge extra cost to carry the equipments.

Furthermore, tasks that require advanced home cleaning equipment, like carpet shampooing or steam cleaning, can also affect the pricing. Such equipment may not be needed for routine cleaning but are essential for thorough deep cleaning and might incur additional costs due to their maintenance and usage.

3. Your location:

If you live in a less accessible area, extra charges may apply to accommodate the transportation cost of the cleaners.

4. The cleaning company brand:

Veteran companies that have build a strong brand tend to charge higher than newer companies. Newer cleaning companies do not have a strong online presence, so they usually try to attract clients with paid advertisement, discounts and coupons.

It is also seen that newer companies who rely heavily on paid advertisement on search engines tend to charge very high to incur for their ad expenses.

5. Goods & Services Tax (GST) registered companies:

If the cleaner provider company is GST registered in Singapore, they need to collect 9% tax on every sale. So, you need to pay for this tax as well, which increases the total cost of cleaning service. When you get a quote for part-time home cleaners, make sure to check if GST is included or not.

Part Time Helper Rates Trend

Before 2011, part-time helper services did not garner much popularity in Singapore. The common practice among Singapore residents was to employ full-time live-in maids to manage their household chores. However, a shift began around 2015 when the demand for part-time helper services increased. This surge in demand coincided with the inadequacy of newer condominium sizes to accommodate full-time live-in maids.

How to get the cheapest part-time cleaners in Singapore?

Although prioritizing quality and reliability remains crucial while seeking domestic maids, there are methods to discover more economical alternatives. To identify budget-friendly part-time helpers in Singapore, consider these suggestions:

1. Compare prices - Reach out to several part-time cleaners or companies and compare their service charges. This process can be quite laborious and time-consuming, and there is no assurance of finding a cheaper option.

2. Promotions - Numerous part-time home cleaning companies provide promotions and discounts, especially during quieter periods. Explore their websites or social media profiles to stay updated on ongoing promotions.

3. Packaged Service - Regular cleaning contracts might offer discounted rates compared to one-time services.

4. Negotiate - If you have a budget in mind, don't be afraid to negotiate. Not everyone has the skills though.

5. DIY - If you have the time, do the home cleaning at least once a week all by yourself, which can save you money in the long run.

Get affordable helpers for home cleaning

StringsSG part-time helper service is the smartest way to get affordable home cleaning done!

Our platform consolidates over 7000 data points since May 2021 to standardize part-time helper rates for general home cleaning in Singapore.

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