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Keeping your house tidy and orderly is not only aesthetically beautiful but also necessary for a healthy living space. Even while many homeowners make an effort to maintain their homes neat, the rigors of contemporary living frequently allow little time for extensive cleaning. This is when in-home cleaning services like StringsSG, which offer a more comprehensive solution than part-time workers, come into action. This article will explain what professional house cleaning is, explain the distinctions between pros and part-time helpers, show you the many advantages of hiring a pro, and go over StringsSG's pricing schedule.

What is professional house cleaning?

Hiring qualified and seasoned specialists to manage the upkeep and cleaning of your living area is known as professional home cleaning. Leading provider of expert house cleaning services, StringsSG hires people with the training, experience, and resources necessary to provide incredibly clean results. Comprehensive cleaning of your home's living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces is usually included in these services.

House Cleaning Service Singapore

Services Inclusions

Living Area

Wipe all surfaces, including aircon exterior. Clean window interiors, frames, and sills. Wipe cabinet interiors and shelves if empty. Clean ceiling fans and standard light fixtures. Vacuum and mop floor area.


Wipe all surfaces (including air-con exterior, window interiors, frames, sills, ceiling fans, light fixtures, cabinets, and shelves). Wipe racks and drawers if empty. Dispose of and replace garbage bags. Vacuum and mop floor area.


Wipe all surfaces, including empty cabinets, sinks, dining tables, and tiled walls. Clean kitchen appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, cooker hood, and hob. Dispose of and replace garbage bags. Vacuum and mop floor area.


Clean all surfaces, including toilet bowls, bathtub/shower area, glass surfaces, mirrors, basin, tap, ventilation fan, floor, drains, wall tiles, and door. Wipe racks and drawers if empty. Dispose of and replace existing garbage bags.


Mop balcony, wipe glass windows, metal grilles (if any), and clean washing machine exterior.

Professional House Cleaning Price

In Singapore, the price range for house cleaning services for a 1000 square foot apartment is $400 to $600, while the range for a 1500 square foot apartment is $550 to $700. Depending on the type of home — HDB, condo, or landed house, the price may change. The price may also vary between cleaning companies.
At StringsSG, the pricing is calculated in a more smarter way which takes into consideration the exact floor size of the house, whereas our competitors use a range of square footage to dictate the pricing. StringsSG's platform also takes into consideration the current market trends based on internal research statistics which balance the price based on supply demand. Use the StringsSG instant quotation calculator to get the exact pricing for your next house cleaning.

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Part-Time Helpers VS Professional House Cleaners

Although part-time helps could help you maintain a clean home, their services differ significantly from those of a professional house cleaning. Part-time workers frequently lack the specific knowledge and experience required for a deep cleaning. The expert cleaners at StringsSG, on the other hand, are educated to adhere to industry best practices and use cutting-edge cleaning methods and top-notch tools to guarantee a thorough and efficient clean. A specialized cleaning service such as StringsSG is different from part-time assistants in that it is more professional and dependable. The following table shows some key differentiators between house cleaning by helper vs professional house cleaning.
AspectDomestic HelperProfessional Cleaners
ExperienceVaries; may have limited professional training or experience.Typically trained and experienced in professional cleaning methods.
Quality of WorkMay vary depending on individual skills and dedication.Generally consistent high-quality work due to training and expertise.
FlexibilityMay be more flexible with scheduling and tasks.Usually follow a set schedule and procedures.
ReliabilityDepends on individual reliability and availability.Generally more reliable due to structured scheduling and accountability.
CostOften cheaper, but may lack efficiency and thoroughness.Usually more expensive, but offers better value due to higher quality and efficiency.
Equipment and SuppliesRequire homeowner to provide cleaning supplies and equipment.Bring their own professional-grade equipment and supplies.
SupervisionMay require more supervision and direction.Typically work independently with minimal supervision.
Specialized ServicesLimited capacity for specialized services.Offer specialized services based on professional training and equipment.
ConsistencyMay vary depending on the availability of part-time helpers.Generally consistent due to structured scheduling and professional standards.
Female House Cleaners - StringsSG
Female House Cleaners

How Often Should You Clean Your House

Here's a table with the frequency of professional home cleaning in Singapore, along with whether it's suitable for part-time helpers or requires professional cleaning:

Area Of HomeCleaning FrequencyPart-time HelperProfessional Cleaners
Living RoomOnce every 1-2 weeks
BedroomsOnce every 1-2 weeks
KitchenOnce every 1-2 weeks
BathroomsOnce every 1-2 weeks
Dining AreaOnce every 1-2 weeks
Common AreasOnce every 1-2 weeks
WindowsOnce every 1-2 weeks
Carpets/RugsOnce every 3-6 months
UpholsteryOnce every 6-12 months
Deep CleaningOnce every 6 months

Please note that while part-time helpers can handle regular cleaning tasks, professional cleaning is recommended for more specialized tasks such as deep cleaning, carpet/rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning due to the expertise and equipment required.

Cleaning Tools Used in Professional House Cleaning

Professional cleaning service involves the use of several cleaning equipment and tools which will be provided by the cleaning team. Following is a table listing some common tools and equipment used in professional house cleaning:

House Cleaning Tools - StringsSG
Tool or EquipmentDescription
Vacuum CleanerRemoves dust, dirt, and debris from floors and surfaces.
Microfiber ClothsAbsorbent and effective at capturing dust and grime.
Mop and BucketUsed for cleaning hard floors, such as tile or wood.
Scrub BrushesHelps in scrubbing tough stains and grime from surfaces.
SqueegeeUsed for cleaning windows and glass surfaces.
Spray BottlesContains cleaning solutions for various surfaces.
DusterUsed for dusting surfaces such as furniture and shelves.
Cleaning CaddiesHolds cleaning supplies and tools for easy transport.
Extension PolesExtends the reach for cleaning high or hard-to-reach areas.
Steam CleanerUtilizes steam to sanitize and clean various surfaces.
Grout BrushSpecifically designed for cleaning grout lines.
Carpet ExtractorUsed for deep cleaning carpets and rugs.
Disinfectant SolutionKills germs and bacteria on surfaces.
GlovesProtects hands from chemicals and germs.
Dustpan and BrushCollects debris swept from floors.

These are just some of the tools commonly used by professional house cleaners. The specific tools used may vary depending on the cleaning company's practices and the type of cleaning being performed.

Benefits of Professional House Cleaning

1. Expertise

Professional house cleaners are trained to tackle various cleaning challenges, ensuring a meticulous and efficient cleaning process.

2. Time-saving

With busy schedules, homeowners can save valuable time by outsourcing their cleaning needs to professionals, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

3. Healthier Living Environment

Professional cleaners use specialized tools and cleaning agents to eliminate dust, allergens, and bacteria, promoting a healthier home environment.

4. Customized Cleaning Plans

StringsSG offers personalized cleaning plans, allowing homeowners to tailor the service to their specific needs and preferences.

5. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home is in the hands of skilled professionals provides peace of mind, ensuring a consistently clean and inviting living space.

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