A clean and sanitized bathroom isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for a healthy living space. StringsSG’s part-time cleaners specialize in revitalizing bathrooms, ensuring a germ-free and sparkling-clean environment.

Here is how part-time maids can assist with bathroom cleaning and maintaining it’s hygiene:

1. Sanitizing Surfaces

Our part-time cleaners begin by disinfecting and cleaning bathroom surfaces. From sinks to countertops and mirrors, every area undergoes a meticulous cleaning process. This ensures a germ-free, hygienic space that promotes well-being.

2. Scrubbing Tiles

Tiles often bear the brunt of grime, mold, and soap scum. StringsSG’s part-time cleaners employ thorough scrubbing techniques to remove these unwanted elements. The result? Tiles and grout lines that glisten, imparting a sense of cleanliness and brightness.

3. Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Toilet bowl if not cleaned regularly can be the home to harmful bacteria and germs. Even though it is not exciting when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl, it is essential to make sure your bathroom is germ free and looks the best. A bowl cleaner and a toilet brush is used to perform this activity. Our home cleaners can help you with this activity if you are not keen on doing it yourself.

Maid ensuring a neat & clean toilet bowl
Maid ensuring a neat & clean toilet bowl

4. Disinfecting Fixtures

Fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and toilet bowls are hotspots for bacteria. StringsSG’s part-time cleaners meticulously clean and disinfect these fixtures, eliminating bacteria and maintaining a fresh and clean bathroom space.

Part-Time Maid Hourly Rates For Bathroom Cleaning

Hourly rates for bathroom cleaning can range between $18 to $30, depending on the cleaning equipment used, the expertise of the maid and the agency you will be paying to.

StringsSG offers hourly rates for part-time cleaners, ensuring flexible options that fit your needs and budget. Enjoy quality bathroom cleaning services at affordable rates, allowing you to prioritize cleanliness without overspending.

Reliability and Peace of Mind with StringsSG

StringsSG’s hourly part-time cleaners aren’t just highly efficient; they also prioritize reliability and trust. Meeting the legal requirements stipulated by MOM Singapore ensures that clients receive not just affordable but also quality service. This peace of mind comes alongside the commitment to providing top-notch cleaning services.

Experience the convenience and assurance of reliable, affordable, and quality-driven bathroom cleaning services with StringsSG’s hourly part-time cleaners. Say goodbye to bathroom hygiene concerns as you welcome a cleaner, fresher, and more sanitized space.

StringsSG doesn’t just deliver cleanliness; it delivers reliability, quality, and peace of mind with every cleaning session.