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Importance of various types of Insurance

Insurance types

Insurance is like a financial guard or protection against any possible event or a range of events. It is an arrangement or coverage by..

10 best ways on how to save money!

10 ways to save money

One of the biggest question that we often ask ourselves is how to save money and see it growing. Here are some pretty basic ways..

How to decide on what to Invest

Savings & Investments

One major question that always lingers in our mind is how we safely invest our hard earned money. Be it any type of investment – Stocks, Real estate, Bonds, Gold, Cash equivalent, Mutual funds the question remains the same. To answer this, we must take into account the following pointers before we step into making …

5 reasons to get a health insurance

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Do I need a life insurance?

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Each family has certain plans for the future. For example, to improve one’s financial position, grow children and to give them a good education. Whatever purposes set before itself the family in most cases achievement of these purposes demands financial inputs. Money is necessary for everyday life of family, for large purchases which improve quality …