Singaporeans, who are known for their neatness and order, frequently turn to domestic helpers to keep their homes in good condition. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the demand for part-time maids, raising concerns about the legality of these arrangements. In this article, we shall clear up any misunderstandings about the legality of part-time maids in Singapore by investigating the facts.

Understanding The Basics – Who is a part-time helper?

Determining what part-time maids are is crucial before delving into the legal details. Individuals employed temporarily or occasionally to handle household tasks including cooking, cleaning, and laundry are known as part-time maids. Part-time maids work a few hours a session and usually do not live with their employer like full-time domestic workers do.

The Legal Way To Hire A Part-Time Helper

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There are 3 sources of hiring a legal part-time helper in Singapore:

1. Hire a local Singaporean or Singapore PR

If you know someone from word of mouth, friends or acquaintances, you can directly hire them for your house hold chores. Make sure to verify their NRIC as a proof of their citizenship or resident status.

2. Hire from MOM approved HSS companies

Companies are able to engage more migrant workers under the MOM’s Household Services Scheme (HSS) to perform part-time domestic services like pet sitting, food shopping, car washing, and house cleaning.

To get part-time help with household chores, you can contact any of these HSS companies.

3. Submit a request for Part-time helper with StringsSG

Booking a part-time helper service with StringsSG leaves you with a peace of mind. All part-time helpers who come to serve you from StringsSG are 100% verified and legal, so you do not need to worry about the legalities and verifications.

Legal Framework

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), which is in charge of overseeing the welfare of both employers and domestic workers, regulates domestic employment in Singapore. Part-time domestic workers are classified as “casual labor,” and their legal status differs from that of full-time domestic workers.

Employers are required by MOM guidelines to guarantee that part-time domestic workers are paid fairly and have adequate working conditions in addition to proper working hours. When employees are performing their jobs, employers are also accountable for their health and safety.

Key Points to Consider

1. Work Permits

Part-time maids who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents do not require work permits. However, if the part-time maid is a foreigner, it is crucial to ensure that they possess a valid work permit. You must verify the work status of their part-time maids to avoid legal repercussions.

2. Wages and Working Hours

You are obligated to pay part-time maids for the hours worked as per your booking. The rates may vary based on the scope of work and individual agreements. It is essential to establish clear terms regarding wages and working hours to maintain a transparent relationship.

3. Safety and Well-being

You must ensure the safety and well-being of part-time maids. This includes providing a safe working environment, suitable equipment for tasks, and addressing any concerns or issues promptly.

Do’s & Don’ts When Hiring a Part Time Helper

1. Avoid Hiring From Social Media Pages

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You may have come across such pages dedicated to Part time helpers where you would find plenty of helpers who would offer you their service. There is a very high chance that hiring from such sources can not only put in legal troubles but also make you vulnerable to scam and fraud.

2. Extremely Low Pricing Is a Red Flag

part time maid at $10

When the offered pricing is too low there is something fishy about the deal. Most likely the offer is from a migrant worker who already has a full time job and wants to do some side jobs for extra cash. Engaging such workers is illegal as per Singapore MOM.

3. Do Your Due-diligence

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Do your due-diligence in checking the resident status of the part-time helper. You may ask to see their NRIC (National registration identity card) or Work pass for validation.

In conclusion, as long as you follow the rules established by the Ministry of Manpower, it is lawful to hire a part-time maid in Singapore. Fostering a healthy and lawful working relationship with part-time maids requires ensuring fair treatment, adhering to work permit requirements, and defining explicit terms through employment contracts. Both employers and part-time maids can support a peaceful home workplace in the Lion City by being aware of and abiding by these rules.