Everyone wants a clean and tidy home for hygiene and well-being, but the busy life in Singapore allow us very little time to focus on house cleaning. One option is you can have full time maid who lives with you and the second option is to get a part time cleaner to help you with house cleaning. In the past few years, Singaporeans are heavy relying on part time maid services for their home cleaning. Part-time cleaners bring expertise, turning your space into a haven of cleanliness and comfort.

You can book a part time cleaner at your convenience of day and timeslot, if you are someone who prioritize home cleaning, you may want to book for a weekly once cleaning service. Usually the minimum hours for booking a part time maid in Singapore start from 3 hours onwards and maximum can go up to 6-8hrs.

Part time home cleaning service in Singapore comes with the following task:

1. Dusting

When dust collects on surfaces, furniture, shelves, and electronics, it not only makes them look dull but also affects the air you breathe. Part-time cleaners do a careful dusting job to make these things look nice again and create a fresh and peaceful atmosphere. They can use a dusting brush or feather duster to gentle remove the collected dust.

2. Sweeping or Vacuuming

Sweeping/Vacuuming is an essential activity of home cleaning to remove the dirt and dust from the floor. Dirt, dust, and debris, the hidden threat, lurk within the fibers of floors, carpets, and rugs. Part-time cleaners execute comprehensive vacuuming, not just for appearances but to promote a hygienic haven. This meticulous task elevates the air quality, fostering a healthier living environment. For wooden or tiled floor even a sweeping broom may work for them to clean the floor.

3. Mopping

Hard floors, often the canvas for grime and stains, undergo a transformation with meticulous mopping. Using appropriate cleaning agents, part-time cleaners restore the sparkle, unveiling floors that are not just clean but radiate a pristine allure, free from any blemish. The cleaners can use a floor mopping stick, or an advanced mopping bucket to perform this duty.

part-time helper with floor mopping equipment
part-time helper with floor mopping equipment

4. Surface Wiping

The art of detailed wiping and cleaning spans various surfaces—tabletops, countertops, and frequently touched areas. Part-time cleaners breathe life into these spaces, ensuring a sanitized environment that not only looks but also feels inviting and presentable.

5. Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen are can get really messy after cooking, with oil stains on the kitchen countertops, piling up utensils and a dirty kitchen hood. Hence, kitchen cleaning is vital to a hygienic home living, if left uncleaning it can become home to harmful bacteria and fungus. Home cleaners have the skill of thoroughly cleaning your kitchen so that it’s ready for your next cooking session.

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Maid cleaning kitchen cabinet
Maid cleaning kitchen cabinet

6. Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is one more important task that comes under general home cleaning. Part time cleaners can help to clean the bathroom floor with a floor cleaner, wipe of any stains or mold from the bathroom walls and clean the toilet bowl for a germ free bathroom.

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Cleaner cleaning toilet bowl
Cleaner cleaning toilet bowl

Experience the StringsSG Difference

StringsSG’s part-time helpers are well trained and our service partners undergo thorough background checks before joining the platform. They are fully legal and authorized to operate in Singapore as per MOM guidelines, ensuring your peace of mind.

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