Do you know that you can maintain your own aircon unit? Doing it yourself ensures that it runs efficiently and lasts longer too. While professional aircon servicing in Singapore is key, there are several maintenance hacks you can perform to keep your unit in top condition between professional services. These simple hacks can help you avoid costly repairs, and ensure a cool and comfortable home.   

1. Clean the Indoor Unit Coils

In many HDB flats and apartments, the aircon’s indoor unit is more accessible than the outdoor unit. Over time, the coils inside the indoor unit can accumulate dust and dirt leading to the reduction of efficiency. To clean the coils, first turn off the aircon and unplug it from the main power point. Then, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently remove the dirt and dust from the coils. This will help maintain efficient cooling and prolong the unit’s lifespan.

aircon technician washing aircon filter

2. Clean or Replace Air Filters Regularly

One of the most important maintenance tasks is to clean or replace your air filters regularly. You’d be surprised to know that not many do this often or at all. It’s important to note that dirty filters can obstruct airflow, reduce efficiency, and strain the system. Plus, aircon filters that are filled with dust can also trigger allergies and cause you to fall ill.

For optimal performance, check your aircon filters every months and clean or replace them every three months. If you’ve pets or allergies, it’s advisable to do this more frequently. All you have to do is remove the filter, wash it with warm water (and mild detergent) to improve your aircon’s airflow.

3. Check the Condensate Drain

The condensation drain removes moisture from the aircon system. However, it can get clogged with dirt and algae, which can lead to water damage and increased humidity levels in your home. What you can do to prevent clogs is inspect the drain as and when you can and use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clear any blockages. As it’s linked to the master toilet, do keep an eye out for any kind of foreign gunk it exudes and take the necessary precautions early to prevent your aircon from failing on you.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Good airflow is essential for the efficient operation of your aircon. Make sure that your aircon is not obstructed by furniture, curtains, or other objects that can block airflow. Keeping the area around the aircon clear helps improve its performance and prevents it from overworking. Additionally, regularly cleaning the vents and ensuring they are open will help maintain proper airflow.

5. Regular Professional Servicing

Not forgetting the most important step, regular professional servicing. While DIY maintenance can help keep your aircon running smoothly, you still require the help of professionals to address more complex issues and perform a thorough cleaning. Schedule for an annual aircon servicing with a reliable aircon servicing provider in Singapore to deep clean your aircon units, check for potential problems, and upkeep it. Professionals also have the expertise and right tools to perform a comprehensive check and maintenance which can prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating these DIY aircon maintenance hacks, you can ensure that your aircon system runs smoothly and remains in good condition for a long time. It also eases the load of the aircon servicing providers, allowing them to conduct their checks thoroughly. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your unit but improves its performance, saving you money on bills and repair costs. Keeping your aircon in top shape ensures a comfortable and cool home environment all year round.