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4 Reasons For Condensation On Aircon Trunking & How To Fix

Condensation on Aircon trunking

Have you started to notice black patches or mold on the aircon trunking? In this article, we bring to you the reasons behind condensation on AC trunking & how to fix them.

Foam Vs Rubber Insulation? Which Is Good For Aircon Pipe

Foam insulation for aircon pipes

This article focuses on comparing Aircon pipe insulation with rubber vs foam and exploring which option is better suited for your resident or office.

How To Fix Aircon Pipe Insulation Condensation & Leaking

Ceiling aircon pipe insulation

Improper installation or damaged Aircon pipe insulation can cause condensation on the pipe resulting in water formation and leakage, which impacts the cooling.

5 Ways To Know If Your Aircon Needs Servicing

Aircon conditioner on the wall

If you do not wish to book regular aircon servicing, this article will help you to understand when it is really time for you to book an ac servicing.

5 Things You Must Know & Consider For Aircon Service

aircon cooling the living room

Exploring aircon service for your home? We bring to you the must know factors and things you should consider before booking your next aircon service.

Decoding StringsSG’s Service Partner Scoring System

StringsSG Logo

Discover how StringsSG’s intricate scoring system evaluates service partners, prioritizing reliability, quality, and trust for seamless collaborations

Can You Leave Your Aircon Running For 24 Hours?

Aircon servicing for cool air

You can leave your aircon on for 24 hours but it comes with certain considerations and drawbacks. Here, we explore key tips & considerations for maximizing its use.

3 Ways To Know If Your Aircon Needs A Gas Refill

Air conditioner is not working

3 simple traits of your aircon to understand if they are low on gas and might need a refill. How to prevent your aircon from running out of gas?

Risks of Part Time Maid At $10/Hr In Singapore

part time maid at $10

The appeal of a $10/hour part-time maid service is undeniable. But, it’s vital to grasp the risks, particularly in Singapore, before committing.

Affordable Part-Time Cleaner For Bathroom Cleaning

part time helper for bathroom and toilet cleaning

Experience the convenience and assurance of reliable, affordable, and quality-driven bathroom cleaning services with StringsSG part-time cleaners.

Affordable Part-Time Cleaners For Kitchen Cleaning

Maid cleaning kitchen cabinet

StringsSG part-time cleaners elevate kitchen cleanliness with expertise in countertop sanitization, appliance cleaning, and dishwashing.

Tasks Performed By Part Time Cleaners For Home Cleaning

part-time cleaner in singapore ready to your house

Learn how part-time cleaners elevate home cleanliness with thorough dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and surface wiping, transforming your space.

15 Aircon Problems in Singapore & How to Prevent Them

aircon has electrical problem

We bring to you the top 15 aircon related problems faced by Singaporeans and how to fix or prevent such problems for optimal air conditioner functionality.

Top 3 Reasons For Noisy Aircon Compressor & How To Fix?

Technician fixing noisy aircon compressor

Are you hearing a loud rattling or buzzing noise from your AC compressor? In this article, we will cover the top reasons for the noise and how to fix them.

Top 8 Reasons To Service Aircon Regularly In Singapore

Technician Doing Regular Aircon Servicing

The unique climatic conditions of Singapore, demands aircon service at regular intervals. In this blog we dive into the top 8 benefits of regular AC servicing.

How Often To Service Aircon For Best Performance? [2024]

Aircon conditioner on the wall

In Singapore, National Environment Agency (NEA) recommends to service your aircon units every 3 months for optimal performance of the air conditioning system.

Who Pays For AC Service In Singapore – Tenant or Landlord?

ac technician in Singapore

Aircon service responsibility in Singapore rentals is determined by the tenancy agreement, and this article clarifies tenant and landlord responsibilities.

Common Reasons For AC Blinking Light & How To Fix?

ac technician in Singapore

Aircon blinking lights often come in different colors, with green, orange, and red being the most common. Learn how to fix different patterns of blinking light.

Aircon Pipe Leaking Water Reasons, Fix & Cost

cassette aircon pipe leaking water

Is your ac pipe leaking water? We bring to you the common reasons behind the water leak from the drain pipe and how to fix it.

How to Clean Aircon Evaporator Coil | Repair Cost Singapore

Clean air con evaporator coil

Facing problems with your aircon evaporator coil? Here is a complete guide on the common problems, repair and replacement solutions and cost involved.

How To Choose The Best Aircon Servicing Company?

Technician repairing aircon

When choosing an aircon service contractor, it is important to consider their experience, reputation, the range of service they offer, pricing, and client reviews.

The Secrets Behind Affordable Aircon Servicing With StringsSG

StringsSG Aircon Service

Why StringsSG Aircon Service is so cheap? Learn about how StringsSG has made affordable aircon servicing more accessible to Singapore residents.

How to Clean Aircon Filters & Replacement Cost

aircon technician showing clean filters

Step by step guide on how to clean aircon filters and new filter replacement cost. Learn about air conditioner filter function and types of filters.

Do This When Your Aircon Stops Working Suddenly

Air conditioner is not working

Wondering why your aircon stopped working? Find out what you can repair and fix yourself vs when you need professional help.

Compare Top Air Conditioner Brands In Singapore

Samsung brand for air conditioning

Confused with which aircon brand to select? Here is a comparison of the major A/C brands in Singapore to help your decision making.

Best Core Exercises at Home or Gym for Beginners

Girl with Strong Core Muscles

Do you want to build core strength and get those 6 pack abs? Do these core muscles exercise for great results.