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1. Open a Request

Open a request with your requirements like - the number of air con units to be serviced, type of servicing etc. Confirm the calculated pricing when prompted.

2. Connect

You will be instantly assigned a technician. Use the chat system of the platform for further discussion.

3. Service

The aircon technician will be at your place on the requested service date to get the servicing or repairing done.

4. Pay

Once the job is complete, make the payment via your StringsSG account. You can choose to pay by Credit/Debit card, PayNow, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

SMART Pricing

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To get you the best quotations, our AI driven platform does real-time cost calculation based on your service requirements.
There is a 91.2% chance that our cost calculation may offer the cheapest aircon servicing in Singapore.
Enjoy handsome discounts when you book with us.

Aircon Servicing Price Calculator

Use this calculator to get an estimation of how much you should be paying for Aircon Servicing in Singapore, excluding discount. For calculations with discount use the actual request form.

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SMART Booking

Instant Booking

After you submit an Aircon servicing request, our instant-search system starts locating professionals near you who fits your servicing requirements.

Cost Negotiation

Your confirmed pricing is sent to potential service providers who are most likely to accept the job.

SMART Secure Payment

You only make the full payment after the servicing is complete.
Your payment through the StringsSG platform is secured by the trusted Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3)
Pay through reliable networks like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, PayNow, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Our Services

General Aircon Cleaning Service

We provide a comprehensive servicing solution at affordable pricing which will keep you aircon clean and provided great cooling.

Aircon Chemical Wash and Overhaul

Remove harmful germs, molds and bacteria from your aircon units with this powerful service that helps your breathe fresh air every day.

Aircon Gas Top Up

Our service providers can help with aircon gas top up with types R22 and R410A and regular monitoring. Learn more about the process and pricing.

Air Conditioner Installation

Our expert aircon technician can install new air conditioner in your home and office. All brands of Aircon are covered -  LGDaikinMitsubishi and more

AC Troubleshooting & Repair

Any problems like air not cold, overheating, gas leakage or water leakage with your air con can be fixed by expert professionals.

Aircon Parts Replacement

Any damaged aircon parts like fan, motor, coils, wiring, drainage pipes etc can be replaced by our technicians.

Why us?

Affordable Aircon Servicing - StringsSG

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Common Aircon Problems We Fix

Aircons are complex machines with several parts, circuits, devices, metal/plastic frames and not to forget the refrigerant gas (R22 or 410A). So, you can imagine how many things can go wrong. Here we cover some of the most common problems you migh face with your air conditioner.


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When is Aircon repair needed?

Are you wondering why your aircon has stopped working suddenly? Air con can stop working because of several reason. There are certain faults you can fix by yourself and some problems might require you to get help from aircon servicing companies for professional service.

When to get Aircon repair service

How To Find Aircon Service Near Me?

Almost every household in Singapore uses aircon because of the hot weather, so the the demand for air con repair and servcing is very high. Which also means there are a lot of aircon servcing companies in Singapore.

Aircon service man

Aircon Chemical Wash vs Chemical Overhaul

remove germs with aircon chemical wash

Often people get confused with these terms and what do they mean in terms of cleaning and expenses.

Chemical wash is the process of cleaning aircon unit filters, evaporator coils and drain pan using a chemical solution. It is used to kill harmful fungus and bacteria growing in your aircon.

A chemical overhaul is advanced chemical wash where the entire aircon unit is dismantled and the cleansing is quite extensive and more effective.

Aircon Servicing Price in Singapore

Aircon Servicing for 3 units for a one-time servicing can cost between $70 to $100, depending on the service provider. It can be quite a hectic task to browse through the hundreds of ac servicing companies to find the one which best matches your requirements and budget.

Aircon servicing price in Singapore widely varies between different servicing companies. Same with refrigerant gas top, whose pricing varies between different service providers. This wide variance makes it very hard to decide on which aircon service provider to select for quality and value for money.

Our platform has collected the pricing statistics from several companies across Singapore and have come up with a standard pricing structure. Check the best pricing we offer.

Aircon Servicing FAQs

Aircon Servicing for 3 units for a one-time servicing can cost between $70 to $100, depending on the service provider. It can be quite a hectic task to browse through the hunderds of ac servicing companies to find the one which best matches your budget.