Everyone loves all things free, so why not a list of free workout places in Singapore? Finding convenient and cost-effective ways to stay fit in this busy city is always a hassle. However, Singapore offers a wide range of public spaces (with scenic views) where you can exercise for free. Here are some of the best places to check out. 

bishan-ang mo kio park
Photo Credits: NParks Singapore

1. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Is Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in the Northern or Southern part of Singapore? The confusion is a tale as old as time and we’ll never know where it’s properly located, will we? Either way, this park is one of the largest urban parks in Singapore, coupled with beautifully landscaped gardens and open spaces. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park offers well-paved paths – fit for jogging, walking, and cycling. It also consists of fitness corners with exercise equipment available for public use. The park’s riverine landscape and scenic views create a serene environment, making it a bonus to the free workout space. 

Marina barrage
Photo Credits: Marina Barrage

2. Marina Barrage

Apart from being our green city’s hotspot for kite flying and picnics, Marina Barrage offers a unique spot for exercise with stunning views of Singapore’s skyline and Marina Bay. Many fitness groups convene here for activities like yoga, tai chi, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dance classes, and more. The open space and fresh air provide a refreshing setting for various exercises.

Singapore national stadium
Photo Credits: Singapore National Stadium

3. National Stadium and Sports Hub

Of course, the National Stadium and Singapore Sports Hub have to make the list, right? Over here, they offer multiple free fitness facilities that are open to the public. The 100PLUS Promenade, a 1km sheltered running track around the stadium, is open 24/7 for jogging and walking. The Sports Hub also showcases a slew of free fitness programs, including group exercise classes and sports activities. You already know you can stay active without any cost here! 

image of gardens by the bay
Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay

4. Gardens by the Bay

One of our major tourist attractions, Gardens by the Bay, is another brilliant place for a free workout. It’s filled with expansive gardens, waterfront views, and well-maintained paths that are perfect for jogging, brisk walking, cycling, or even meditation. Be sure to check out the Supertree Grove and Flower Dome – where they’ll provide a unique backdrop for your exercise routine. The garden hosts free fitness events too!  

image of Bedok reservoir park
Photo Credits: NParks Singapore

5. Bedok Reservoir Park

Easties, this one’s for you! Featuring a 4.3km track that circles the reservoir, this popular spot is perfect for outdoor exercise. Here, you can jog, walk, cycle, or even rollerblade where it’ll offer a scenic route with water views and plenty of greenery. Fitness enthusiasts can also take advantage of the various exercise stations located around the park. Bedok Reservoir Park is truly the epitome of a refreshing escape for those who are looking to stay active in a natural setting.  

Final Thoughts

See, staying fit and healthy in Singapore doesn’t have to be expensive at all! Despite being a small island, we have plenty of public spaces available offering free access to fitness facilities and beautiful environments. Enjoy scenic views and keep yourself active without spending a dime at these places.